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Jul 9, 2013 09:47 AM

Wanted: celebratory wine, under $100, available online, shipping to Virginia

I know zip about wine, but would like to gift my friends a nice bottle to congratulate them on buying their first home.

I'm looking for an online vendor, and a specific recommendation of what to buy.

I don't think they are big champagne buffs; I do know they like to do a lot of outdoor grilling, and would love something that fits with that type of meal, and the hot, muggy weather in their area (VA). Is there a white you'd recommend?

Not necessarily a grillin' wine, but: I do know they like Cabs.

Must be available online, with shipping to VA.

Hope that's enough specifics to get the ball rolling with suggestions! Thanks in advance.

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  1. is where you can find out what can be shipped to you. I'm keeping my recommendations general:

    Unless one is talking about champagne, $100 for a white is a significant budget. Do you know if they prefer any regions (e.g. France, California, Spain) or how much they are into prestige?

    Champagne is the safest I would look for the 1999, 2000, 2002 or 2004 vintage Pol Roger or vintage Charles Heidsieck (non vintage champagne is cheaper).

    White Burgundy may be the next best try looking for William Fevre Grand Cru .

    It doesn't sound like they're Riesling people - if they are try looking for Prum .

    There's tons of options on the red side from Napa Cabs to Bordeaux.

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      Thank you for the intel! I wasn't familiar with wine-searcher -- good tip on that.

      I decided to go with your suggestion for Charles Heidsieck (Brut Reserve -- I hope that was the right one?), using I couldn't resist getting them something bubbly (and refreshing in the hot weather).

      Thanks again! I'll post back when I hear from them, how they liked the bottle.