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Jul 9, 2013 09:43 AM

[Vancouver] Pizza catering and/or pizza oven rental

Anyone know of a good pizza caterer and/or somewhere to rent a wood-burning pizza oven for a party?

I tried calling Pizza Farina already to no avail (they're the only pizza I really like in Vancouver so....), but will try anything.

Piiiiiiiiiizzzz(a) out!

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  1. I wonder if you could get the PazzaRella truck to help you out?

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    1. re: Quattrociocchi

      IS that a good pizza truck? I don't live in Vancouver so haven't tried it.

      I know Ragazzi has a truck as well, but not sure I'm a bit Ragazzi fan.

      1. re: brokentelephone

        Never tried it, but they have a wood-burning oven in the truck. Looks legit. Google them. Lots of good reviews.

    2. Urban Wood Fired Pizza has a mobile trailer that does catering and vends at various events and farmers markets. Their pizzas are very good, however their crusts tend to be more thin and crispy than the neapolitan style that you might expect (personally, I like the crispier style). Check them out at:

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      1. re: Scoffier

        The pizza on their website looks like it is covered in garbage and/or throw-up.

        Thanks for the recommendation though!

      2. I was at the West Vancouver, Ambleside farmers market last weekend. There was wood fired pizza truck there. It is larger than the PazzaRella truck. Their web site seems to see them sold out by 3pm daily. I did not try the pizza but saw it and it looked good. I don't know if they cater but here is the site I found them at.

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations.

          Any ideas for a place that may just rent an oven (i.e., the kind that I can wheel to the back yard?).

          My only problem with the trucks is that they'll have to park in the front of the house, and the party is in the back yard, meaning people will either have to walk up to the truck through the house (not a big deal), or hire someone to walk back and forth with orders.

          1. Maybe you could get all your guests to decide what type of pizza they want ahead of time, then place an order with dominoes for some personalized mini pizzas. I think they're only like five bucks a piece!

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            1. re: barcosbarcos

              Ummm this is a site for FOODIES. Clearly you're NOT a FOODIE if you're recommending DOMINOES (its underwhelming). Jesus, can you suggest something more suitable for a foodie???