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Jul 9, 2013 09:28 AM

Kroger taking over Harris Teeter - what do yo think about this?

Heard the news this morning. I was hoping the buyer of HT would be Publix or better - at least some store that we did not already have.

Kroger taking over HT is disappointing to me. We have 6 Kroger's and 4 HT's in Durham plus a few more HT's in Chapel Hill. We are going to lose stores and jobs.

I generally find the HT stores to be cleaner and better maintained. The HT VIC card beats the Kroger Plus card by miles and HT has other promotions such as eVIC and Fresh Catch that beat anything at Kroger. I have found lots of good fish at HT using the Fresh Catch specials. I don't even look at the fish at Kroger - am I missing anything?

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  1. I read recently that Kroger and some of its affiliate stores now are carrying Murray's cheeses if that eases your pain at all. They 'took over' Fred Meyer in the PNW and I haven't noticed big changes.

    1. I don't think there's enough info out there to judge yet but I see all your concerns as valid. Maybe this will create the opportunity for Publix to move into this market.

      1. I think the biggest concern will be closure of stores. When Delhaize bough Hannaford, they weren't allowed to have both Food Lion and Hannaford in the same market. Kroger is going to have to pick one brand or the other for markets where they have both - I hope they pick HT, but who knows. I can think of several intersections that already have HT and Kroger on opposite corners, so some of those with surely close or be sold.

        1. Everything I have read indicates that Kroger will keep the HT name, management team, headquarters, store growth plan, etc. I don't think most HT customers will notice any change.

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            Yeah; the local Kroger here in Greenville went out of business a year or so ago and was replaced by an HT, so I expect that HT is perceived to be the stronger brand.

          2. We are in Tucson, AZ part of the year and there is a Kroger subsidiary there called Fry's. From the looks of most of the Fry's there (excluding a brand new store that my wife likes), I prefer Safeway out West and Harris Teeter and Publix over a Fry's clone. Hope they keep HT management. Asheville TV confirmed that they will keep the Harris Teeter store here. Whenever it opens!