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Jul 9, 2013 07:29 AM

Lunch Today - Downtown

Looking for something great for lunch downtown - anything except Asian or Mexican. Been to Bottega Louis and Church and State. Would love ideas - preferably something new.

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  1. You cannot go wrong with Wood Spoon--authentic Brazilian comfort, their pot pie is to die for.

    Wurstkuche is always funs if you like sausages--rattlesnake and rabbit is one of my favorite LA dishes.

    Maccheroni Republic impressed me the only time I've been--from what I understand, the owners have been doing great Italian across LA for decades.

    In short, go to Wood Spoon. If that does not sound good, check out Machheroni. If you want to be hip and have great sausages, fries, and beer, check out Wurstkuche.

    1. Drago Centro for great Italian. Water Grill for raw bar and seafood.

        1. For something a little different, check out Mo Chica. Very good modern Peruvian cuisine

          1. UMAMIcatessen? I enjoyed non-UMAMI items from the P!GG menu. I also hear they have a killer pastrami sandwich there.

            Baco Mercat? One of the top restaurants on my to-try list. I could live vicariously through your meal. Heh.