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Jul 9, 2013 06:12 AM

Best thin crust pizza in Halifax?

I know there is a long-standing thread about Halifax pizza, but so much of it is out-dated so I wanted to start something fresh and pertaining only to thin crust, Italian-style, and gourmet pizzas in Halifax. To my knowledge, there is Piatto, Morris East, Bramoso, A Mano, Tomasino's, and Salvatore's. What is everyone's favourite?

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  1. Salvatores is something special and for me would be the best, but frankly consider it in a league of its own

    Morris East has really good ingredients and are tasty but Piatto I give a slight edge to overall

    Bramoso its alright but would never choose over the 3 above
    Tomasinos have had once since they reopened and was not wowed
    and A Mano is ok but I always choose a pasta dish

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        Mother's is pretty pretty good they have some really creative toppings Salvatore's is still number one

        but Sal's is almost so good and different its almost like not eating pizza

    1. I've not tried them all, but I don't think I could choose between Morris East and Salvatore's if here was a gun to my head!