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Jul 9, 2013 05:24 AM

planning a trip to Cinnciati OH. need restaurant tips

Hi All;

Planning a trip to Cinncy in August by way of Kentucky and WVA. Would love any heads-up on good places (ie mom and pop stops; diners, etc.) along the way. We're staying in Blue Lick Resort Park for a couple days going in. While in conference we'll be south of Cinncy for about 4 days.


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  1. I've only been to Cincinnati once, but I stumbled upon two fantastic restaurants while I was there.

    The first was Shanghai Mama's. I don't remember what it was called, but I had some kind of onion pancake for an appetizer. Everything was delicious.

    The other restaurant I loved was Wild Ginger, a Thai/sushi restaurant. It's a beautiful restaurant and the food is wonderful. I love sushi, but my friend is not a fan and she loved the non-sushi menu too.

    1. Sounds like you're staying in Northern KY where I spent most of my life. If you're looking for breakfast while you're here, go to the Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, KY (on Dixie Hwy). Get some goetta--theirs is probably the best anywhere to have with eggs for breakfast--portions are generous--the goetta is made about 7-8 miles away in Covington. They serve breakfast any time they're open.Crowded on Sunday.
      Goetta BTW is a mixture of ground pork, pinhead oatmeal, onion and spices, put into a loaf or roll and slices of it are fried. One of the Cincinnati area's unique dishes.
      The other unique dish is Cincinnati-style chili--Skyline chain is most popular. Spaghetti on the bottom, then chili, then cheese on top with onions (most popular) and/or beans for a 4-way or both for a 5 way. Plus cheese coneys (hot dog with chili and onions (optional) and cheese on top.) Some chili parlors also have double decker sandwiches that are HUGE. Blue Ash Chili (2 locations)and Camp Washington Chili (about 4 miles north of downtown Cincy off I-75) probably have all three dishes.
      Only mom-and-pop place that comes to mind would be Mr. Herb's on Petersburg Rd near Hebron (KY) not far from the airport. Original location closed, but new place is bigger-- recipes are same. If you like fish, that's the place--that's what they're famous for. (At the original location, they told me I was the only person to put away a 4 piece dinner with all the fixins with nothing left over) Cincinnati has been called the Food Mecca of the Midwest. Ethnic food very popular here. Only Bar-B-Q seems a little lacking.
      Ribs--Montgomery Inn (several locations) is most popular. Many famous people have eaten there, including several presidents. There is one in Fort Mitchell (KY)
      Good luck while you're here. Lots of options. Don't hesitate to inquire further.
      P.S. Someone mentioned Wild Ginger--it is on Edwards Rd just south of Madison Rd and across the RR tracks (Smith Edwards exit off I-71)

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        Thanks KyMikey. We'll definitely check them out.

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          I suggest Camp Washington Chil ( since you'll be by the river. You can get Cinci chili, goetta and even double decker sandwiches. All Cinci specialties.


      2. I loved Senate in the Over The Rhine area of Cincy. There's a great Vietnamese place in the Findley Market that serves on of the best banh mi sandwiches in the country.
        I believe it was rated in the top 10 by Serious Eats.

        1. If in downtown Cincy, try Sotto. Excellent Tuscan fare. Must make reservations!

          1. Vine st in Over the Rhine has at least 5 good dinner options and a hip crowd.
            visit Findlay Market and try the Rhinegeist brewery for a beer afterwards.
            for cool diner food visit Terry's Turf Club
            delicious Korean food at Riverside in Covington
            craft cocktails at Japp's
            Indian food at Ambar
            Creole food and jazz at Dee Felice