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Jul 9, 2013 05:06 AM

Ocean House Dennis Cape Cod

We went to Ocean House a few nights ago. It was valet parking and there was no parking anywhere on a Monday night. We sat in the back near the windows and the view was great. I ordered a mojito and my partner a blood orange margatini. The mojito was great but the blood orange margatini was made with blood orange liquere but they used regular orange juice and garnished with a regular orange. Kinda disappointed with that, it did not look like a blood orange drink. For my appetizer I had the lump crab cake with a corn and black bean salsa and it was excellent. My partner had the tuns tartar ice cream cones with wasabi foam. He was disappointed because the color of the tus was off, he was wondering how fresh it was. I had the orecchiette with spicy veal sausage and red sauce and it was good. My partner had the tuna with a sickening sweet Asian sauce that he thought ruined the meal. The color of the tuna was also off and did not look fresh. It also came with undercooked bok choy. We noticed that when the staff clean off the tables they just bushed all of the crumbs onto the floor and when someone really made a mess on the floor they just brushed it under the table after the patrons left. That was pleasant to watch, why not just get out a floor sweeper and take care of it that way. We couldn't figure out if we were eating at an Italian or Asian restaurant. The bento box offered that night was a mixture of both.

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  1. Did you send the tuna back if it was odd and possibly off? I am from the school of thought that a kitchen won't know somethings awry until they are informed. This place is too good to have a bad experience. I hope you informed them so they could make the evening more enjoyable for you. You deserve dining excellence particularly at a place like OH.

    1. Agree 100% with Ann on this. If you didn't bring it up at the time, I hope you contact them privately after the fact at least.

      It's distressing to read such a dismal report on what is generally one of the most reliable fine dining in the mid-Cape area. Sorry you had such an experience.

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        No,he didn't send the tuna back but he did bring up the blood orange margatini and the waitress said but this is the way we make it and that was it. She copped sort of an attitude. My part of the meal was good but my partner was disappointed.