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Royal Oak vs Hinds Head

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Anyone have any strong views either way on these two? I've seen pretty positive reviews from Harters and others but anyone who has eaten at both got a comparison?

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  1. If you're looking for Michelin pub food in that neck of the woods, what about the Hand & Flowers (which had been our first choice, but was full)?

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      Ditto John - I did try but if you look at their website there is a ridiculous waiting list, mostly to 2014 for any reservations at the weekend.

      I have to say that while I would like to visit the hand and flowers I'm not so desperate as to book a year in advance.

    2. Assume you mean the Royal Oak in Paley Street

      I've been to both several times (used to live locally) and I would pick one over the other particularly. I slightly prefer Royal Oak as it still feels like a normal pub, the Hinds Head is a bit up itself with food tourists

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        That's useful to know thanks, the menu at the Royal Oak looks a bit better as well (although as we all know that can be deceiving) so I think we'll stick with that.

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          I'm sure you'll report back, which would be great. We always went to the Hinds Head but could use a change of scene, especially as our last lunch there wasn't as good as previously, but I seriously think it was just an off day.