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Jul 8, 2013 09:10 PM

SF Chinatown Dim Sum closing deals ?

On Friday I'm going to be in Chinatown around 6pm ...... do any of the stores that sell dim sum have deals around closing time ? it seems like I remember hearing about this before ..... I know that some cafes ( like Yee's) have mid/late afternoon deals - i.e.: $5.00 plates of various items.

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  1. I know Broadway dim sum does this for some dumplings, stir fry noodles, pork ribs type dishes that they have leftover. They have it boxed up and ready to go. If you act a bit hesitant, and indecisive about buying anything, they start throwing deals your way. Helps to speak Cantonese.

    The better dim sum places usually don't do this, as they are already close, or ran out of things.

    1. Gordon, you need to get there a little earlier. By 6PM most will be closed. I would just walk down Stockton and see what is in the windows. I have had good luck getting there about 5:30 and see what is still there. Not just dim sum but BBQ items too. I would go to shop you already know and see what is left over.

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      1. If you are a regular, the DS stores would comp you a broken custard tart or a throw in an extra goodie -- even NOT at closing time.

        The 99 Ranch DS deli at Richmond has special closing deals. Go early for good selection. Never hurts to ask graciously in Cantonese, and they are very forthcoming with the info too.