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Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Sacramento?

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I recently got back from a long weekend in Sacramento, and plan to be back in a few months. What struck me was that the restaurants we visited - picked semi-random from Open Table - were very meat-heavy, something I find unusual for California. Are there good non-chain places downtown that can serve carnivores but also have vegetarian options?

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  1. I really like Centro Cocina on J street for Mexican.

    1. Some of these places are in east Sac and Curtis Park., but they are a short drive. Andy Nguyen, Queen of Sheba, Orphan Breakfast House, Magpie Cafe, Opa Opa!, Cafe Dantorels, Tower Cafe, Three Sisters ( a vegetarian friend really loves this place, I wasn't impressed), Pronto, Jack's Urban Eats, Cafe Bernardo.