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Bay Area Ramen

Hello Everyone, traveling to a new locale for vacation and was curious as to what the best bowl of noodles are in the bay area. A couple of places that I'm considering:

Izakaya Sozai
Ramen House (in oakland)

If there are any places off the radar that are worth a visit, feel free to drop a line as it would be appreciated. Also, sortof random, my boss raved about Flour & Water, is it worth the wait/price? Thanks for all the advice.

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  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/890523

    Flour & Water is good and the prices are competitive but I wouldn't go except with a reservation or very late.

    1. highly recommend izakaya sozai. note that they take reservations a day in advance. earlier is better, as they make a limited amount of ramen. i personally think it's one of the best in the bay area, easily on par with the south bay stuff.

      would also recommend ramen house, and get there early. totally differnt ramen experience. it's pricier, but also much more "clean" tasting; good quality ingredients, and it doesn't overload you with a fat/sodium bomb (not that i don't enjoy that too)

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            whoops, didn't even realize i misread that. yes, i was referring to ramen shop

      1. Best ramen anywhere in the Bay Area? Orenchi ramen in Santa Clara. By far the best, in my opinion.

        3540 Homestead Rd
        Santa Clara, CA

        1. If you like spicy...

          I think 'Ramen Dojo' in San Mateo is a fine place... :)

            1. The best new Ramen place in the Bay Area is Kaiju Eats. It is for people who really has a taste for fresh ingredients and high quality flavors. It is not one of those ramen houses that has all the broth and noodles already prepped in the back and they slap it together when you order. This place really takes the times to give you great quality food prepared upon order. My new favorite. Worth the wait when there is a line. Check it out!

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                Please always mention the town that a eatery is in.

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                  Yes, I was surprised to find that little place become such a favorite so quickly, especially as that seemed to be a cursed resto location. It's not a bad little place, though I'm not sure I like it as much as Supermom. So far I've only had one bowl of ramen, and I thought it was just okay, a bit too salty for me (but it should be noted that my salt tolerance is pretty low). But it's great as a sort of bargain Japanese quick eat. I had a curry dish once that was cheap and tasty. Don't know if it's good enough to wait in line for, though.

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                    Supermom62 posted the same exact thing on 2 threads, so that makes me quite wary. I'm willing to try the place. We've been to the new-ish Izakaya Goku (16th between Dolores & Guerrero) a couple times for ramen, which was really good. The service is just okay (the hostess made me furious the first time we went there).

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                      any other recent reports on kaiju?

                2. Sorry forgot to mention Kaiju Eats is on Geary Street in San Francisco.

                  1. Sorry I just joined chowhound and confused by how many conversations keep popping up to respond. Not as good as you young kids. But the most outstanding ramen places are: Kaiju Eats in SF, Orenchies in Santa Clara, and Ramen Parlor. These are places that have really unique flavors and good customer service.

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                      i wasn't given a chopstick to eat with my ramen. i was the only one in the biz. doubt this is good customer service. tea cup only 1/2 filled initially.

                      wrote a review on y... stating egg noodles used (waitress told me herself when i asked). i.m.o. this isn't real japanese ramen. "owner" responded to review with an offer to refund my $14 for the K.O. ramen or some kind of take out in kind compensation.

                      doubt i will return. food was "tasty". yes. just don't know what was home made, what was commercially made (base, bouillion, sauce, etc.), that's the reason i ate everything to get a "read". broth seem too dense to be homemade.
                      portion small too.

                    2. Izakaya Sozai is decent for San Francisco but that's not really saying much. The bowl I had used some black pepper which made it sorta interesting, but the underlying broth and noodles and chashu were about on par with Yamadaya in Japantown, another place which is decent but not great.

                      In my opinion the only two destination spots are Ramen Shop and Orenchi. Ramen Shop if you want a California creative touch, Orenchi if you want a really good tonkotsu.