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Jul 8, 2013 07:56 PM

Bay Area Ramen

Hello Everyone, traveling to a new locale for vacation and was curious as to what the best bowl of noodles are in the bay area. A couple of places that I'm considering:

Izakaya Sozai
Ramen House (in oakland)

If there are any places off the radar that are worth a visit, feel free to drop a line as it would be appreciated. Also, sortof random, my boss raved about Flour & Water, is it worth the wait/price? Thanks for all the advice.

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    Flour & Water is good and the prices are competitive but I wouldn't go except with a reservation or very late.

    1. highly recommend izakaya sozai. note that they take reservations a day in advance. earlier is better, as they make a limited amount of ramen. i personally think it's one of the best in the bay area, easily on par with the south bay stuff.

      would also recommend ramen house, and get there early. totally differnt ramen experience. it's pricier, but also much more "clean" tasting; good quality ingredients, and it doesn't overload you with a fat/sodium bomb (not that i don't enjoy that too)

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            whoops, didn't even realize i misread that. yes, i was referring to ramen shop

      1. Best ramen anywhere in the Bay Area? Orenchi ramen in Santa Clara. By far the best, in my opinion.
        3540 Homestead Rd
        Santa Clara, CA

        1. If you like spicy...

          I think 'Ramen Dojo' in San Mateo is a fine place... :)