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Steak Sandwich?

Making the man and I some steak sandwiches tonight. What's your recipe?

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  1. Like a cheesesteak or....?

    1. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. I just know I want a steak sandwich.

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        Well, cheesesteaks are generally made with shaved rib eye. Add some oil to a pan, fry up rib eye, top with provolone cheese and cover to allow melting.
        Place on a good roll.
        You can also add caramelized onions (made ahead in same pan), and marinara sauce, which is my favorite.

        For other steak sandwiches, you can use thinly sliced (post cooking to med. rare) flank steak or sirloin tips. Add fried peppers, onions and cheese.

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          Buy a ribeye steak and freeze it for a while. Slice thin on a mandolin. Dice up some onions. Throw into a hot pan with a little butter, s&p. Top with cheese (whiz for me) and throw into a roll. Simple and delicious!

        2. http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-food/fab...

          We watched this video and it really helped our cheesesteak preparation. We do this on our la plancha on our grill. WARNING: It's a pretty cheesy video (pun not intended, starring Top Chef Fabio)

          1. It has been a while since we bought "Steak'ums" but as I recall, they made about the best basis for a good steak sandwich. Certainly a nice toasted hoagie roll, mayo, carmelized warm onion ("same pan" per monavano- good advice). Fried green peppers, sure. Maybe melted cheese, maybe not. No marinara sauce for me. But overall, monavano is on the same track as I would be. Hmmm,,, sauteed mushrooms?

            I have a very poor record of making a really sandwich-worthy steak at home, and, in fact, have had very few in steakhouse restaurants. Not my favorite meat, so "Steak'ums" solves that problem.

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                "Steak'ums" always tasted very artificial and fatty to me. Landis is a local brand to central NJ that is very thinly sliced sirloin. I like to then chop it up and mix the steak with very thinly sliced onions and grill them together on a flat grill pan in a little EVOO. While cooking I season them with S&P and a little garlic powder. After they're cooked, I put them on a seeded torpedo or hoagie roll, top them with a couple of slices of sharp or piquant provolone and then put them in the toaster oven to heat the roll and melt the cheese. Much better than Gino's or Pat's any day.

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                  Sounds like it would blow away Pat's and Geno's!

              2. It goes without saying you can shave any meat thinly for steak sandwiches....certain cuts are more preferable....but in the end it's well done beef.

                Depending on the cut of beef you have, or if you prefer your meat medium or medium-rare...there are better options for other styles of sandwiches...i.e. not Philly Style. Thin slices in a roll or open face are worthy considerations.

                  1. I made these the other day and they were good. A heart attack on a plate, but good http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/20...

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                      Good God, she's competing with Paula Dean with all of that butter!

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                        That's one of hubby's favorite sandwiches.

                      2. If you live near a Trader Joe's, they have a perfect combination of ribeye and shaved steak that's made for cheesesteak.

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                          Also check your Asian market. The ones near me all have thinly shaved ribeye, usually frozen, for reasonable prices.

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                              Yes, I often use this shaved ribeye for bulgogi but they were great in cheese steak stuffed peppers.

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                                Thanks for jogging my brain about using the thin meat for bulgogi.

                          1. I buy boneless rib eye when it is on sale. Ha ve some cut to 1/2 inch thick. Buy some hoagie rolls. Saute up some onions and bell peppers. Pan fry the steaks. Voila ... steak sandwiches

                            1. I love steak sandwiches. I also like deli sandwiches. Years ago my parents bought a home electric meat slicer so they could make steak sandwiches, slice ham thin and so on. I bought one (slightly heavier duty than theirs) -- and it is one of our most frequently used appliances. I even use it to slice home made bread. I love it for making carpaccio, too. It was really a good buy.

                              When we got ours there were few solid ones on the market, it seemed, compared to today. Now there are quite a few more.

                              1. Classic bookmaker's sandwich:

                                Hollow out a small tin loaf, or similar. Smear some mustard inside. Stuff with the steak. Tightly wrap in clingfilm and press under a couple of weights, so it keeps a good texture while any juices ooze into the bread. Eat cold, of course.

                                1. I remember one on the cover of one of the food magazines a few years ago that I made and assembled at the Hollywood Bowl. So good. I think it was filet mignon....grilled and sliced. Carmelized balsamic onion. Arugula. Some sort of horseradish sauce. And a really good roll. Now I'm hungry.

                                  1. I second all of the advice here - pan fried steak thinly sliced or you can slice ahead of time and fry, sauteed onions, topped with Provolone or if you're thinking Philly-style there is also the popular-among-many Cheez Whiz. I really enjoy pizza steaks for a nice twist with a good hearty marinara sauce.

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                                      We do thinly sliced steaks, carmelized onions, sautéed colored peppers. No marinara sauce. Sometimes I add BBQ sauce to the meat mixture for husband

                                    2. There was this great place for a steak sandwichs in Greenwich Village....it got fantastic reviews from the media and even the Celebrity food community. The fat guy in orange clogs tried to convince him to raise his price ($4), but he steadfastly refused even during his highest point in popularity when there would be lines for much of the day to get a taste or get a hold of the sandwich. I can recall where Sara Moulton featured the owner on one of her shows and he demonstrated the recipe using fry pans.....happily given without attitude.

                                      1/4 inch Rib Eye Steak
                                      NY Style Hard Roll/Kaiser Roll
                                      Peppers and Onions Optional

                                      The peppers and onions were diced cut and seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning.

                                      A Question was raised as to why dice cut, as opposed to sliced rings and strips.....the owner stated the dice cut made for easier, clean bites without having to fight the sandwich.

                                      1. I only use thin shaved ribeye. I usually just pan fry it in some garlic infused oil, with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, with a little fresh parsley as well.

                                        I broil some cibatta bread to get it toasty, then throw the steak and some provolone on it, and broil it some more till the cheese starts to brown a bit.

                                        Top it with some finely shredded iceberg dressed in olive oil and red wine vinegar.