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Jul 8, 2013 05:47 PM


Drove up to Towson today, son will be going to school there in the fall and anticipate many more trips. Where to eat? We had lunch at the Green Turtle, which totally underwhelmed. Looking for suggestions...

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  1. The Havana Road Cuban Cafe is fantastic- BYOB and you can pick up your wine next door at 10% discount if you mention dining there. Cafe Troia is also great- service and food are top notch. In the wintertime, we enjoy The Melting Pot- it is a LONG meal, though. Sushi Hana is one of the many sushi spots in Towson, but I think it's better than others. There was also a little spot across from the library that was great- not sure if it's still there, think it was called Bread and Circus. Enjoy! Best wishes to your son for successful studies!

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      Thanks! The Cuban Cafe sounds like something we would love. I drove past the Melting Pot, we will try it out.

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        I second the Cafe Troia rec-- I am always pleasantly surprised by how great the food and service are there! And Sushi Hana is my favorite sushi place in the area by far!

      2. In Towson, I'd recommend Thai One On/San Sushi.

        Are you willing to drive into Baltimore proper? The northern areas of Baltimore (Hampden, etc.) are a pretty quick and easy drive from the Towson campus.

        In Hampden, I'd recommend Woodberry Kitchen, Dogwood, The Food Market, Golden West and Rocket to Venus (skip Cafe Hon, it sucks.) In Roland Park, Miss Shirley's.

        If you're willing to go downtown Baltimore: Alewife, Chicken Rico for something fast and cheap and delicious, Tortilleria Sinaloa for carry-out tacos, The Brewer's Art (don't go into the restaurant though, just sit at the bar either upstairs or downstairs and get the bar menu), The Helmand for Afghani food, Marie Louise Bistro, Riptide by the Bay and get the shark tacos.

        There's also some good stuff on Belvedere Square which is just over the border with Towson on York Road.

        Most of this is an easy drive downtown from Towson's campus--just go down York Road.

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          Thanks! I saw Thai One On, should have stopped. I will be brave and drive down York Road as well.

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            Baltimore is a fantastic city but you will pass some rougher areas going down York. When you're going south, turn right on Northern Pkwy and head down Charles (or just head down Charles from Towson) and you'll go through much nicer areas!

            Also if you like wings, Bill Bateman's is pretty good, though very college-y.

            And as for the Melting Pot, it 's a chain and it's more of a special occasion meal to me, but it is pretty good.

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              Sushi Hana is the place to go for sushi in the area, but Thai One On/San Sushi is ok Thai.

            2. re: jmarya

              Dogwood has been closed for a couple of months. It will soon reopen as another location for The Wine Market if rumours are to be believed.

              1. re: moondoggy410

                The rumors are true. He's got a liquor license application in the window.

            3. Towson is not exactly a hotbed of killer restaurants, but I second the suggestions of Thai One On and Havana Road, both are very tasty, and within walking distance of the school. Also check out Pho Dat Thanh, been there a few times and always had really good food. (and cheap! giant bowl of pho for about $6 if I recall correctly)

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              1. For breakfast/lunch, go to Atwaters on Kenilworth, amazing homemade bread, soups, sandwiches, desserts. On York Rd just North of the circle is a little Peruvian chicken place called Pollo Amigo. Farther north on York, right above the beltway is an old school Chinese place called Szechwan something. It's in a shopping center at the light at Seminary Rd. 7 West has decent bar food. Pasta Mista on Dulaney Valley Rd for good pizza. If you go down York towards the city, there is Belvedere Market with another Atwaters and a places that makes great smoked salmon sandwiches. Bahama Breeze at the mall, although a chain, has pretty decent food and good drinks. Burger Brothers on Allegheny for good hamburgers and fries. Next door is Towson Hot Bagels. I second the recommendations for Sushi Hana and Pho Dat Than.

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                1. re: daynasch

                  Thanks, all sound good. What is your opinion of Towson Hot Bagels? Doesn't sound like a chain!

                  1. re: ambergersa

                    They have 2 locations, not a chain. Are you from NY/NJ because it's definitely not like any place there (I'm a former NYker), but it has decent bagel and sandwiches. It always seemed to me like that's where the TU students go the next day to sober up!

                2. The two places I really loved in Towson don't get much love on these boards for some reason.

                  Fresh Fresh Seafood is a little hole in the wall with great food owned by a couple who are a total trip. I spent a great evening there with the owner/cook waiting for his wife to come back and refund my credit card when he accidentally charged me $200 for a $20 order. Good times.

                  Kabob Hut on Allegheny was always solid. The chicken and the ground beef kabobs were especially good.

                  Melting Pot is an overpricd chain that's better ignored.

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                  1. re: JonParker

                    Agree about Melting Pot - very expensive for what you get.

                    1. re: Terrie H.

                      One m ore "nay" on the Melting Pot. A bit disgusting in my view.