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Jul 8, 2013 05:24 PM

Restaurant(s) in the Tolleson, AZ (west Phoenix) area

I understand this restaurant is near a hotel we may be staying at later this year. Any one on here have opinions that are "current"? Also any recommendations for any other good restaurants (any type) near the Tolleson, AZ area ?

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  1. I don't know about Tolleson but next door in Avondale is a restaurant called "Black Bear Diner", it is a good sit down family coffee shop/diner that serves good sized portions at good prices, try it. They are on Dysart, just south of the I-10.

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      There's a bar / restaurant called Screwballs at Van Buren and just East of Dysart on the North side in a strip mall. Really good pizza - they make their own dough and you can tell. It's not fancy but it's solid.

      I agree w/ Buckeye - Black Bear is a good choice. I know they're a chain but I've never had a bad meal yet.

    2. Nothing very good over here.


      Most are mediocre.

      Take your pick and hope for the best.

      Oh...except for Tortas Paquime. That's probably the best place.

      And, if you want some cheap hotdogs head over to G's.

      1. So no real good restaurants, eh ? So let me question cuisines and maybe other suggestions may come up - Pizza ? or other Italian ? I saw a link for Sal's Tuscan Grill in the Surprise Republic just a bit ago - anyone familiar with it ?

        1. Although not in Tolleson, I had a nice lunch at Amuse Bouche in Surprise when visiting friends on the far west side of the valley.

          From your post, "I understand this restaurant is near a hotel we may be staying at later this year ...." I have no idea of which restaurant you reference.