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Jul 8, 2013 04:47 PM

Good pie in Seattle

Seattle is blessed with many excellent pastries, but for the life of me, I can't think of a place to get a really good fruit pie. Anyone have a good experience to share?

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  1. Flaky crust, high-collared and fractures of caramelized surprise and tasty market apples was that caramel? or does it matter? - baked in the kitchen you see busy before you. Pull up a cup of pretty decent coffee to a seat in the front room window over the garden and sigh with pleasure on a sunny summer morning. Buy a blueberry muffin for a friend. Gosh, let's go right now. In town, the one I know. Lovely baking by lovely bakers in a lovely place; dude...
    Irwin's Neighborhood Cafe and Bakery
    2123 N. 40th St
    opens at 6 am M-F (real bakers, did I mention?)
    Other locations I've not visited: 1201 Eastlake, 301 NE 65th.

    1. A la Mode on Phinny, not far from the zoo, has amazing pie.

      I've had the sour cherry which was just perfect and I hear great things about their banana cream.

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        I didn't answer this before because I tend to make my own fruit pies, but order cream/mousse style pies from pie shops. A la Mode's Mexican Chocolate Mousse pie is one of my favorites in Seattle and they make a great Coconut Cream pie, as well. Their fruit pies always look good, though.

      2. There's a new, odd combination on Capitol Hill (Olive Way) called "Pie Bar" which is what it sounds like - a bar with pies. Have not tried yet - I don't have much of a sweet tooth - but they are baking their own pies and they're pretty.

        1. shoofly pie co. in west seattle
          sugar rush baking co., also in west seattle
          pie in fremont
          high 5 pie on capitol hill
          Snohomish pie co. in downtown snohomish

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            Sugar Rush has closed. They remodeled last winter but I guess that didn't help.


          2. I like the fruit pies at Remlinger Farms. If you have a kid under the age of 6, it's really fun there.