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Jul 8, 2013 04:12 PM

Romanelli's or DeFalcos ?

We are visiting the Phoenix/Scottsdale area again soon (love it there) and are familiar with these two Italian Groceries/Restaurants by name and internet only. Wondering - from the locals - your preference and why ? Thanks !

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  1. C) Andreoli. Because A & B, while cute, are both mediocre Italian-American red sauce joints with the kind of food you can get anywhere, while Andreoli is run by an incredibly talented Calabrian cook who cures his own means, bakes his own breads, makes his own fresh cheeses, does all his own pastry, and generally makes some of the best straight-up authentic Italian trattoria-style fare I've ever come across anywhere.

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    1. I like Romanelli's because of their sausage selection, Deflacos does make a pretty good sandwich though. The take out pasta bemoaned by the other guys is OK at both, but I actually like Guido's on Scotts/Shea for that a little better.

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        Hadn't come across Guido's; Thank you kmarg !