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Jul 8, 2013 03:32 PM

Dining in Dupont Circle and Inner Harbor Baltimore

I've been to Washington multiple times now and have taken in much of the touristy sites. For this trip I wanted to go prepared with food recommendations. I'm staying in Washington in Dupont Circle area. Not terribly crazy about seafood but still take good recommendations. Bang for the buck preferable but I do realize it's Washington and when there's good food I'm willing to make exceptions!

Also spending one day in Baltimore inner harbor. Never been to Baltimore before more than just the airport.

We are very close to the Tabard Inn in Washington and so will try to hit it up for breakfast. I love ethnic food but my fiance is a bit more reticent. Up until now my food finds in the capitol have been meh so hoping some chowsers will help.

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  1. Best bang for the buck in Dupont Circle is at DGS, a deli/restaurant that serves somewhat upscale versions of jewish deli foods with a N. African and Sephardic twist. They take reservations. The chopped liver is a must order, but it's hard to go wrong here. Make reservations or eat at the bar. On the same block is GBD which is good for the fried chicken breast at dinner. It's just a snack really, because it's half a breast for $5.50, but worth it.

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      I second the recommendation for DGS. They also have a great brunch.

      Sushi Taro, one of the best sushi restaurants in DC, has a great deal at their bar Monday-Friday (5:30-7pm). Half off sushi and drinks. You need to get there early (the bar only has 10 or 12 seats), but it's totally worth it because the food is delicious and normally much more expensive.

      Also in Southern Dupont you might like Taylor's Gourmet for lunch or a casual dinner. Really delicious sandwiches and salads.

      Also 14th Street and Adams Morgan is walking distance to Dupont Circle. On 14th Street you might want to check out The Standard, Estadio, Cork or Le Diplomat. In Adams Morgan you can try Mintwood Place or Casa Oaxaca.

    2. Baltimore Inner Harbor is mostly chain restaurants. If you walk a few blocks north on Charles, you'll get to B&O American Brasserie; that's our go-to place in the area.

      1. Skip the Inner Harbor (though there's a Miss Shirley's there which is a transplant from uptown which is good.) Walk north to Mt Vernon, east to Fells Point, or west to Federal Hill. It's about a ten minute walk or you can take the circulator and the restaurants are much much much better.