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Sazon Columbian in Northridge

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It's a relatively limited menu, consisting largely of a variety of meats either grilled or in Columbian sauce, served with rice, potatoes, etc.

I got the chicken in Columbian sauce, which was onions and bell peppers, served with rice, potatoes and plantains. It also comes with a little bowl of chopped jalapeno and onion in a vinegar sauce. The chicken was a little overcooked (breasts often are), but the juicy sauce coupled with the jalapenos kept it moist enough to really enjoy.

It seems authentic although I've never been to Columbia. It's fresh and simple, just as I like it. Next time I'll try the steak.

Sazon Columbian
Corner of Nordhoff & Mason

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  1. I tried this place once. It was okay, but I don't see myself going back. I prefer Mexican. I ordered the tamale, which was filled with mashed potatoes rather than corn, which I wasn't crazy about. Makes sense, I guess, as potatoes were a staple of those south American tribes. Also, the empanada was deep fried, rather than baked, which I wasn't crazy about either.