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Soul SurfingPizza in Skokie

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Got carryout form here last night and this has to be the BEST kosher pizza ever - I got the sausage pizza - it looked traif but it was not and it was delicious. A great combination of flavors on a thin crust with garlic caramelized onions and the faux sausage - also tried the cheeseburger calzone that was amazinf -

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  1. Agreed. Although their service is EXTREMELY slow and disorganized, the food in my opinion is still worth it. Try their Spanakopita Calzone and also the Bruschettas - awesome stuff! Also, now they have these drinks that are some sort of a slushy, coolata, slurpy mix, that are really good. I had a mocha one and it was delicious.

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      I have to agree with that - service is SLOW - that is why I tend to carry out - I will have to try the slushy drink -