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Jul 8, 2013 01:40 PM

Any thoughts about Marrakesh in Studio City? To dine there or not to dine there?

Was thinking of taking a group of friends there for dinner during dineLA restaurant week, but the Yelp reviews worry me - equal number of very positive reviews as there are very bad reviews.


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  1. It's fun for a group, but don't expect mind blowing food. It's more about the overall experience -- sitting on the floor, having your hands washed, watching the belly dancers while you eat from communal dishes. I've gone there a couple times, and while we always have a blast, it's not fine dining.

    1. It is by no means fine dining, but it is lots o'fun. And you get b'stilla, which even when it's bad is still pretty good.

      1. My parents went recently and the food was terrible and service was bad. They went as a group with twenty people. They made a reservation and went to check out the restarant beforehand. They spoke to the manager because about half the guests were vegetarians and they wanted to make sure there were good veg options. Well, they weren't seated for 30 minutes until after the reservation, the food was cold and undercooked, the service was nonexistent and the water glasses and plates had thumbprints on them. While they made several attempts to alert management as problems arose, the overall experience was pretty terrible.

        1. I don't know if I've ever had "great" Moroccan, and it's been several yrs since I last went (although I've been a few times). It's really fun for a group if you reserve the back room and don't mind the vegetarians being separated from the omnivores.

          However, it's not a place I'd spend my own $ (I went there for work dinners).

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            Well, Tagine on Robertson in BH just north of Wilshire, east side of the street, is way better than anything served at Marrakesh.

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              Another place to add to my list. =)

              To the OP, if the atmosphere and presence of a belly-dancer isn't important, I think you might be better off going to Simon's Cafe: