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Jul 8, 2013 01:10 PM

ISO Interesting stops on a North Dakota to Montana road trip

Driving from Bismarck to Beulah to Williston than out to Montana to Bozeman and finally Ennis, all over the next 4 days.

Looking for mom and pop burger joints, coffee shops, steak houses or truck stop diners. The unusual, old-timey, tasty places are my fav.

thanks all

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  1. The Williston area is in the middle of an oil boom. That means a lot of truck traffic, and every possible accommodation taken.

    If you don't have to go up to US2, I'd suggest staying with I94.

    Even if you don't eat, stop a bit take in sights at Teddy Ros. NP and Medora.

    How about a regional chain, Taco Johns, known for their Potato Ol├ęs.

    Bozeman with a university probably is your best bet for good interesting eats.