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Jul 8, 2013 01:01 PM

Best samosas?

Where can I get delicious samosas in the Greater Boston Area? Does such a place exist?

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  1. I'm not sure there's an Indian restaurant in the Greater Boston area that *doesn't* have samosas. Are you finding them un-delicious? If so, can you mention the places you've found to be disappointing, and why?

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    1. re: Allstonian

      I'm looking for a place with very authentic, very traditional samosas. I've only ever eaten samosas in Indian restaurants in the Boston and NYC area, so I'm not sure what "authentic" samosas are supposed to taste like. They all taste kind of bland to me.

      1. re: Pcclikestoeat

        Is it possible that you just don't like samosas?

        I don't eat samosas all that often, but the vegetable pakora from Guru have ruined me for all other pakora. So perhaps their samosas are exceptional as well?

        I sometimes get samosas from Dosa Factory in Central Sq. They are pretty good, although once they were cold in the middle.

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          I really like the ones at JMP in the Super 88 food court, but then I really like their food in general.

      2. I have no idea what authentic/traditional means but the spiciest (not just heat) I've had were from that little bodega in Davis Sq. next to the Goodwill shop. Been so long since I've been in Davis Sq. though, I'm not sure if its still there.

        In Waltham check out the Indian Food Bazaar/Kebab & Tandoor. They have 3 kinds, the usual potato/peas, ground chicken, and ground beef. The veggie one is a bit spicier than others I've had.

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        1. re: LStaff

          It's not. :( Those were good.

          I have got to get to Waltham for tacos and indian food...

        2. I have tried samosas at different places and the only ones that I can rate as good samosas are the ones at Udipi Bhavan in Lowell, MA. It helps that the sweet tamarind chutney and spicy mint chutney hit pretty close to home. And while you are at it their Dosas are quite good.