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Jul 8, 2013 12:47 PM

THR & Co. - Reviews?

Apologies if I am missing a string, but I can't find any posts or reviews. Menu looks good and the Messis space and patio were always nice.

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  1. i have only been once, so caveat emptor -- in a nutshell, lovely space, good but not exceptional cooking. prices seemed more or less on par with toronto norms.

    1. Overall very satisfying. I thought the menu was unique and original, execution beautiful, service above and beyond, and ambiance casual and comfortable.
      Agree with autopi on the price point - very reasonable, and they accomodate separate bills for our large group as well.

      They do pasta and pizza dough on premise, but I was most impressed with their take on the appetizers and protein mains.
      I highly recommend:
      -grilled romaine with pig ears (!)
      -sea bream
      -osso buco
      -beautiful house-made sorbet.

      Patio and brunch in the works last time we checked in. Should be full steam mid-summer.

      1. Standard food (nothing new compared to other places), standard ambience, standard service. They overcharged us for a few items. It was fine but nothing for out of your way.

        1. I quite liked it but I found it funny that the waiter felt he had to "explain" how their menu "works" as if no one had ever seen small plates before.

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            i wonder if this is trained into them, but i agree, irrelevant in Toronto and also because their plates aren't even small.

            i found the space to be gorgeous and comfortable. it's on the level of thoughtfulness of decor and design pretty much nearly never done in TO. i would live in that restaurant if i could.

            the food isn't exciting but there are some fun elements here or there. like smoked grapes with the fish though the cucumber sauce needed to be drained of water longer. overall it was good to quite good but with nothing being spectacular or particular to return for. it also was not a very high bill at all (we got away with food being under $30 pp and we ordered plenty) and so that definitely encourages me to return and lounge around on a leather banquette.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              The space is absolutely gorgeous and still comfortable. And I agree it's not super expensive - we hit about the same tally as you for a pretty generous meal.

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                  i was there in the first week, so they might have tweaked it but what i didn't like about the pizza was that it was quite burnt on the bottom (though not over cooked).

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                    personally, i didn't care for the pizza. it's about what you'd expect from a restaurant that doesn't specialize in pizza.

            2. How has THR & Co been lately?

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                Nice meal there the other week. I find it good and consistent, more a neighbourhood restaurant than a destination. Black spaghetti is my favourite dish on the menu. Nice space, a bit quieter than other restaurants in the same class. Wine list isn't exciting, cocktails are good. Basically, it's the same as it's been since inception.

                1. re: prima

                  It's essentially Harbord Room with a better wine selection. Had a meal there last week. It's quite good. I didn't order the burrata but it looked amazing at the table next to us.

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                    Agree with BigBabyYeezuS... the black spaghetti is a fantastic dish. I also enjoyed the braised beef cheek several weeks back. The salt cod croquettas were good, but pricey at $9 for 3 small-ish pieces. Lovely room. I prefer this menu to the Harbord Room.