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Jul 8, 2013 12:19 PM

Dried mole blends?

I got some mole negro (ground/dried) from Mexico and it is so wonderful. I have only ever seen mole as a paste in jars here in the US. I've been googling but no luck - where might I be able to order this type of mix online?

I guess in a mercado it would be sold like this:


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  1. Ive seen it like in the pic when I lived in Mexico, but not in the US. If your city has a Latin market maybe they would carry the ground. If no Latin population probably not.

    1. Mell -- I was so disappointed by your thread title!!

      I thought, "Oh my gosh, WHERE do they eat enough mole that you can get it dried as Mole-burger Helper in different varieties!?!"

      Blame my Appalachian heritage and Chinese experience for the "eat anything" mentality...

      But to your real point, I find lots of bags of not-really-labeled powders on the South American spice aisle of my local Global Foods. I'm betting that what you want is widely available in the right ethnic markets, but hasn't been commoditized online.