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Jul 8, 2013 12:17 PM

Yellow Jug Burger, Montrose-ish, redux

I stopped by the Yellow Jug Burger Co. this afternoon after a long absence (just because I rarely drive by it, not for any culinary reason).

Wow this place is great!

I had the "regular" (which means double thin patties) turkey burger, with grilled mushrooms and a bit of blue cheese dressing. The patties were well seasoned and grilled with a bit of crunch, more like sausage, and the mushrooms were fresh. Delicious bun too.

$6 including tax.

There's a long list of different sorts of burgers, from hamburgers, cheeseburgers to chicken parm, veal patties, veggie. Lots of optional toppings at no extra charge, plus modest charge for toppings like bacon or egg.

Eat in or out, easy parking. Go there and keep them in business!

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  1. Wow, haven't experienced this --- they took over that space where that funny restaurant that reheated pre-prepared food was before...

    We've not driven up that way in awhile myself, but sounds like worth an outing. Yellow Jug, here we come! Thanks for the posting.

    Nancy C