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Favorite use for a bunch of raspberries?

They don't keep well, and I'd love to do something with them today. I always can make jam, of course, but what are your other favorite ideas? Any great ideas for the potluck I have to attend tonight? Good raspberry syrup recipe I can use later for soda or cocktails? Thanks!

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  1. muddled into a mojito is nice, blended into a margarita or if you have an ice cream machine I recommend a sorbet. Then when you have a lime marg, mojito or soda water, throw a scoop in!

    1. Raspberry peach cobbler? This is much better than it looks like it'll be. It's my quick to-to for potlucks if I have fresh fruit.


      1. I like a dish of raspberries with a dollop of sour cream and brown sugar dip.

        1. I've been recommending this cake ever since I made it a couple of weeks ago - so simple, but SO good!


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            Yes on this recipe! I would definitely use more raspberries than it calls for.

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              Ended up going with this cake, eating a bunch fresh, and making freezer jam with the last of em. The cake was a big hit at the potluck-I'll definitely make again. Thanks all!

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              This is very similar to the SK cake. It's a great recipe.

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                Not just similar, exactly the same, because it's the recipe the Smitten Kitchen blogger used. She added lemon zest (and lists it as optional), but that's the only change she made.

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                  Oops. I haven't looked at the smitten kitchen recipe in a while!

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                    Yes, I always try to go back to the original source when I post recipes - it's a pet peeve of mine when bloggers get/take credit for recipes that belong to others!

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                      Well, to be fair, SK is very clear where she got the recipe.

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                        I looked at both recipes and made the SK version with lemon zest (and some blueberries in addition to the rasperries). HIghly recommend!

              2. Smitten kitchen buttermilk cake

                You can freeze them, too

                1. Fresh should be eaten as is, IMO. For anything else, frozen does just as well. For a potluck, I'd take pound cake and whipped cream, and top with fresh berries.

                  1. If it's hot or warm where you are, then maybe a trifle with layers of yogurt or pudding?

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                          It is sooo easy and tasty. Just fill a quart mason jar about half way with fresh raspberries. Add gin. Let sit for a month or so, until the raspberries lose their color and the gin is red...strain and bottle.

                          Place two ice cubes in an old fashion type glass, add raspberry gin, slice of lime. Sit outside to sip :)

                          Also makes a killer raspberry G & T, use in a raspberry "tini", or add a splash of ginger ale or ginger beer.

                          I have more brewing as we speak ;)

                      1. Another use for raspberries the raspberry streusel muffins from Silver Palate gang. I put in frozen berries if I don't have fresh and sometimes add blueberries. I keep a bag of the streusel topping in the freezer to facilitate the process. http://www.food.com/recipe/raspberry-...

                        1. Thanks for reminding me that my mom made some raspberry "cordial" aka a boatload of raspberries mixed with sugar and basically Everclear, that have been sitting now for about a year.

                          Time to visit mama!

                          1. In case you didn't already see it to the right of this discussion, CHOW has a recipe gallery of raspberry recipes.

                            I really like the first recipe in the slide (Chocolate Raspberry Cream Pie), since it isn't too sweet but has a nice bright raspberry flavor. The time I made it, I used frozen berries for the filling and it worked fine.


                            1. Cranachan! It's a Scottish recipe and it's fab. Oatmeal, honey, whisky, double cream (heavy cream in the US I think?) and raspberries.