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Jul 8, 2013 10:49 AM

Food Court Wars; did anybody watch?

Tyler Florence hosted this contest between two couples vying for a chance to win the use of their custom food court restaurant rent free for 1 year which was worth 100k. The younger couple, specializing in Po'Boys, won the contest by a mere $29.00 but, for some reason, they were unable to open their restaurant. Two weeks later, Tyler awarded the prize to the other couple who happened to be senior citizens. Their specialty was tamales. We were pulling for them to win, so the ending was quite gratifying.

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  1. oh, interesting - i figured it would be some long drawn out competition - done in one episode, huh? how refreshing. ;)

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      Yea, I also thought it was a series rather than a one time deal.

    2. I did. Glad they won but overall it was kind of just meh. I thought it was going to be a drawn out competition like food truck wars was, but when I saw there were only 2 teams that went out the window.

      1. This is not the first season of this show, is it?

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          Yes, it is.

          As a friend said tonight, 'my thought was Tyler walking up to the old couple's house saying "You know that prize we thought was so great? Well, the other people didn't want it so you're stuck with it,' kind of sums up how I feel about this show after week one. Will give it one more try.

          Two teams/week just seems kind of weird.

          1. re: nikkihwood

            I didn't know they'd squeaked more than one episode out. Last I heard they almost cancelled the project for lack of suitable contestants.

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              Apparently the po'boys couple didn't want to relocate 3 hours away from home to open the food court restaurant (according to what the woman reportedly tweeted). Makes me think they really had no intention of accepting the prize to begin with and were just using the show for exposure/publicity.

            2. I thought the whole thing was weird as well. Tyler Florence occurs for me as a little stiff and uncomfortable.

              I guess every week they will have talked some local mall into giving away a food court space for the winning contestant. Sigh.

              I was glad the older couple get their dream. Seemed like really nice people. I hope it works out for them.

              What was with the outfits the other woman wore in every shot every day? T-shirts with the necks cut off and pulled off her shoulders so her black bra straps were revealed. And the odd kerchief-thing she kept tied around her head. Trendy? Personal style? Sexy? I kept watching that instead of what they were doing.

              1. I gave up watching 1/2 way through--just didn't hold my attention, altho' I was rooting for the older couple. Glad they won, even if the 2nd choice.