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Jul 8, 2013 10:47 AM

portable water purifier's

I would like any suggestion regarding emergency water purification systems .If and when we loose power I would like to have acceptable water .Would appreciate hearing from those with experience on the matter.Thank you

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  1. Curious-- Why would you lose water just because you lost power? That has never happened to me before, and I've lost power numerous times in the past few months due to severe storms.

    As far as your question goes, perhaps you might look into these water purification methods?

    I don't have any experience with household use, just backpacking.

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      pumps go with loss of power .After hurricane Sandy folks lost water as well as salt water and other contamination seeped in to their wells.Thanks for the reply

    2. At home, boiling is often an option. Water utilities often issue 'boil water' notifications if the system has been compromised by a storm. That may include a period after power and water has been restored. It can take several days for the chlorine to purify the water pipes.

      Backpackers have been dealing with water purification issues for many years. A comprehensive backpacking store can give guidance as to the alternatives, whether it be filters, chemical purification, or even UV sources.

      Their models favor portability over capacity. But some of the same companies make higher capacity units for homes.

      State health departments may also have useful info. For example, Washington's (storing, boiling, bleach


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        boiling won't do you much good if there's no power and the gas has been turned off (to reduce the risk of fire/explosion due to ruptured lines).

        Wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes all mean that regular utility services may be cut off completely.

        People living in these areas are always told to have alternative purification methods for use in these emergencies.

      2. What I was interested in was learning of reliable brands of water purification systems,The backpacking systems may do the trick.

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          Backpacking systems are designed to remove bacteria/virus from fresh water. If you are worried about saltwater infiltration into the freshwater source leading to salt contamination, those systems won't do you any good. Reverse osmosis systems exist to convert saltwater into freshwater, but they require power and clean seawater to avoid clogging the filters. They're also very expensive. There are hand power versions but the output of those is tiny. Meant more for survival than regular use. And they won't be any help if there's other type of contamination. Fuel in the water, for example.

          1. re: Bkeats

            Not so concerned with salt water as I'm around freshwater ponds away from the ocean. I would also attempt to collect rain either with a tarp or puddled naturally.I am interested with the backpackers portables just would like to hear which manufacturers are recommended. So it's both reliable brands and stores. Thanks

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              perhaps a camping/backpacking forum?

              1. re: sunshine842

                Thanks I'll now search but do you recommend any ? I feel like I'm making some leadway

          2. re: scunge

            I have a portable UV water purifier for backpacking (I don't remember what brand it is - oops steripen now that I read an article I found that was it - linked below). If you are looking for a quick simple solution they work very well. I like them for backpacking because I don't have to boil the water (fresh cold stream water is so nice after a long day hike, instead of warm/hot water that you boiled) and not chemical tastes. They aren't great for water that has a lot of debris in it, for that you would want a filter - but if you're thinking of purifying tap water at home then that isn't an issue.


            1. re: thimes

              My thoughts if I loose power here on Long Island from a storm or otherwise I would first use water collected in a tarp secondly puddle water after a rain or last resort from fresh water ponds that are nearby.

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