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Jul 8, 2013 10:38 AM

Foodie Pot-Luck contribution: what to take???

I have been invited to a Foodie Pot luck (yay me!!) and I am deliberating on what to take. Here is my quandary: I am gluten intolerant and have been Gluten Free for almost 8 years. Should my contribution be a naturally gluten free item (not made with flour anyway) so as not to put off the gluten eaters, or just make my one of my best recipes? I think I know the answer, but I am so tired of people being disparaging of gluten free cooking/baking, and doing their darndest to avoid it. Advice??

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  1. I would make whatever you're good at, even if it's gluten free. You don't have to announce that it's gluten free, and hey, you might end up educating some people after they eat it and you tell them it's gluten free :)

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      True! I was thinking of doing a blueberry tart with a sweet short-crust. Tarts look so pretty, and people I have served it to had no idea it was gluten free, which I consider one of the highest compliments in gluten free baking!

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        The flip side of doing that is that people who are on a GF diet might not try it.

      2. Make what you would want to be served. All that matters is that it tastes good-- just don't mention that it's gluten free unless someone specifically asks.

        When I was vegan, I noticed a lot of people being offput by something being labeled vegan. So I just called my vegan tofu chocolate mousse, "chocolate mousse" and watched as it was happily devoured. I only revealed that it was vegan and contained tofu when asked for the recipe. Likewise, when it comes to the gluten free fatigue/disparagement you're encountering-- people are just sick of others talking endlessly about what happens to their intestines and that gluten is crap.

        Make one of your best recipes. At least you'll know there'll be one dish there that you can enjoy.

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        1. re: ohmyyum

          I am liking that angle a lot- just put it out there and they can have at it. Would not be surprised if there were other GF people there also- could be kind of fun to let them know they can safely eat a beautiful blueberry tart with pastry crust... :)
          (attached pic is one I made a week ago)

        2. how about a greek pasta salad with gf noodles?

          feta, kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, and a light olive oil/vinegar/oregano dressing.

          1. At a recent foodie picnic, I made Bo Ssam. I'm not sure if the condiments were all GF, but I'm sure you'd know products that are. It was a huge hit, much MUCH easier than you'd think, and made a great deal of food on the cheap.
            People were so impressed and I felt like a Rock Star for putting out this kick ass dish.

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            1. re: monavano

              never had Bo Ssam- must check it out!

            2. I think I'd go with naturally gluten free if you can, for us inexperienced folks.

              Flourless chocolate cake (it's been overdone, yes, but still fun). Mom-mom fritches peanut butter cookies from gourmet (they are awesome) or, there is a flourless cookie from the Los Angeles Times that is egg white based - but has so much cocoa and walnuts, they are like a flat chewy brownie. Really tasty!

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              1. re: happybaker

                thanks for the suggestions- I actually have no shortage of ideas/recipes, it was more about the philosophical idea of it! And, knowing I have a kick-ass Pate Sucre recipe that even gluten eaters like, I think I have my answer!!

                1. re: amsuka

                  Kudos to you!

                  I saw the pic of the tart - it looks amazing.

                  Sadly, I have had some GF baked goods made from mixes that were not that lovely.

                  Your tart looks like a game changer so, bake away!

                  And maybe post the recipe? ; )

                  1. re: happybaker

                    Thanks happybaker! I will post a link to my "blog"- which is actually more of a place where I record my best recipes..
                    Here it is:
                    The tart crust recipe is here, and for the filling I used one of Martha Stewart's- very good. :)

                2. re: happybaker

                  Could you please provide a link or paraphrase the recipe?