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ISO recipe from Bon Appetit April 1985

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The recipe is for Oak Leaf Tortes --
(it's leaf-shaped thin cookies, stacked)
I've lost the recipe. It's for almond-flavored cookie batter and almond buttercream to go between the cookies.
Maybe someone here has the old magazine?

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  1. Have you tried looking on Epicurious.com or the Bon Appetit website?

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    1. re: bumble

      Yes, and the Web too. Those two sites have loads of great stuff, but don't go as far back as 1985.

    2. On EBay


      $9.99 includes shipping...

      Or this a little less $


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      1. re: rcspott

        Yes, I may buy a back issue if I need to. Could be fun to look at the whole magazine from 28 years ago.

      2. Author 'Gingerpale' from the Chocolate & Zucchini blog spot has your recipe! Perhaps you can message her/him???