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Jul 8, 2013 09:25 AM

Rock, paper, cronut, townie

If I may paraphrase a cliche, when the US has a culinary sneeze, London catches a cold.
We now have Shake Shack and 5 Guys in London and a plethora of burger, rib and dog places. Obviously this is not new in the US but we are a bit slow on the uptake. Not so with the cronut. I first heard about it on Chowhound about six weeks ago and now places in London have started doing them Obviously the incubation period has become shorter.
I therefore read with interest in today's Evening Standard (nee London Evening Standard) about the Townie.Apparently we are fighting back and have created the Townie which is essentially a browinie within a tart. It has and I quote "taken the capital and America by storm".
Scepitcal as I am about media in general and the Standard in particular- it may interest you to lean that Charles Saatchi was still writing a column for the Standard despite the Nigella fruore .I was wondering if anyone across the pond has heard of the Townie or as I suspect either
(A) no one knows what I am on about? or
(B) this was already created in the US some time ago and just being sold back to gullible media types in London?

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  1. I was in London recently and disappointed to see a "5 Guys, Coming Soon!" sign in Soho. I do not see this as a good thing, but rather as the continuing homogenization of eateries across the globe. The process is nearly complete in the US already and is now infecting Europe under the strong lead of Burger King, McDonald's and Starbuck's (although as to the latter, its free wifi has saved me from my inadequate Verizon coverage on numerous occasions while traveling).

    The recent obsession with the cronut here is exasperating since I have no inkling of why it is appealing. At all. Like it's a revolutionary food or something.

    I haven't heard of the townie yet, but it sounds equally annoying.

    Finally, Charles Saatchi should be terminated by the Standard, if they have any (ahem) standards. He exhibits all the signs of an abuser, up to and including his comments surrounding his divorce filing. Abusers are never wrong, their spouses always are. Take it to the bank. In fact, the Standard could probably interview his prior spouses/girlfriends and come up with a lifetime of similar behavior. That is all.

    1. The only townie I know is in the context of a person who might otherwise be described as a scally or chav.

      1. Never heard of a Townie here in NJ.