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Jul 8, 2013 09:11 AM

What are your favorite sources for vegan recipes?

I'm new to the lifestyle and am looking for low-fat and quick/uncomplicated recipes. Would love to hear about cookbooks, blogs, etc. I am not good at the "look in the fridge and come up with your own recipe" approach.

TIA, Sara

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    This is a vegetarian site, but has recipes that are vegan, or could easily become so. Good, fresh, modern ideas that can be easily taken in another direction.

    1. Here's a thread dedicated to vegan cooking blogs, Poke around, you might find some new favorites!

      1. Congratulations!!
        I found a great post the other day on exactly this topic-

        Also look up, she is no longer vegan but her lunch packing posts (whole day she works 12hr shifts) are all easy quick meals and great recipes tab

        1. Thank you so much, everyone - definitely lots to look at and cook from.


            she's got some fantastic recipes - all that i have tried have been top notch.