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What are your favorite sources for vegan recipes?

I'm new to the lifestyle and am looking for low-fat and quick/uncomplicated recipes. Would love to hear about cookbooks, blogs, etc. I am not good at the "look in the fridge and come up with your own recipe" approach.

TIA, Sara

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  1. http://www.101cookbooks.com/vegan_rec...

    This is a vegetarian site, but has recipes that are vegan, or could easily become so. Good, fresh, modern ideas that can be easily taken in another direction.

    1. Here's a thread dedicated to vegan cooking blogs, Poke around, you might find some new favorites!


      1. Congratulations!!
        I found a great post the other day on exactly this topic-

        Also look up hungryhungryhippie.com, she is no longer vegan but her lunch packing posts (whole day she works 12hr shifts) are all easy quick meals and great recipes tab

        1. Thank you so much, everyone - definitely lots to look at and cook from.


          1. yumuniverse.com
            she's got some fantastic recipes - all that i have tried have been top notch.

            1. That is a tough one. There are so many good blogs and books out there. These are some I like. I am sure there are much more out there.

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                fatfreevegan has a *killer* good International Quinoa Salad recipe...I urge anyone here to try it especially for a bbq or summer gathering...really awesome recipe!

              2. I tend to use my ethnic cookbooks, many of which have recipes that have always been vegan. Middle Eastern and many Asian standards are vegan.

                1. You can also subscribe to Vegetarian times and Vegnews magazine. They have nice articles and interesting recipes.

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                    Vegetarian Times operates a website with their recipes.
                    i love their site.


                  2. Anything having to do with Isa Chandra Moskowitz - theppk.com blog, or her books, I have Veganomicon which I love and just got Vegan Brunch. Her recipes are well tested and tasty, and her humor makes it all fun. She is very creative.

                    1. LOVE Bonjon Gourmet….all veg and many are vegan.

                      1. I'm new to ppk.com, and have also used a few recipes from http://chefchloe.com/ I've made the pesto pasta recipe a couple of times, as well as the lemon olive oil cake. Both are really easy and don't take much time.
                        Also I love the lemon quinoa avocado salad from http://thediva-dish.com/uncategorized...
                        You have to scroll down to find the recipe- but it's totally worth it. I brought it to a pot-luck and everyone gobbled it up. Not all of her recipes are vegan, but a good majority are.

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                          that lemon quinoa salad looks stellar! I've made the International Quinoa salad mentioned above which is quite similar but uses lime juice, mint, etc. Need to try this lemon one real soon!

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                            I highly recommend it...hope you like! I tend to forget I have it on the menu for the week, so I make it right before we eat it. But it's definitely better if it has some time to sit and let the flavors come together.

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                            Ohmygod. So, the lentil olive patties from ppk are my favorite thing EVER!!!! You gotta make these.