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Jul 8, 2013 08:25 AM


Going to Punta de Mita, San Pancho and Bucerias - any suggestions particularly as to new places? Thank you!

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  1. You absolutely have to hit Tacos en la Calle in La Cruz. Best tacos in the Bay! It's a local favorite. And be sure to try the flan!

    1. San Pancho:
      Maria's - Breakfast, lunch or dinner, main drag (Tercero Mundo)
      Delfines - esp on pozole night
      La Roca - next to Delfines on T. Mundo (sometimes set up in the small park on T. Mundo as well)
      Eva's Tacos - up from Calle Egipto

      As always,Tacon de Marlin opposite the aiport. Amazing and not to be missed. I do the shrimp and marlin combo.

      Buen provecho!