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Jul 8, 2013 08:19 AM

Any local strawberries still out there?

I'm totally bummed out that our local place, Wards Berry Farm, is done for the year, and we were out of town and missed the last few weeks.

Is there anyone in the Boston area that still has them?

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  1. They're certainly close to the end, but check the farmer's markets this week if you can - I was pleasantly surprised to find that at least 4 stands still had strawberries at last Friday's Copley market.

    1. Russo's in Watertown and Wagonwheel Farm on the Lexington/Waltham border often have Canadian berries when others don't. They aren't always luscious, but usually are worth eating. You might want to give them a call before you head there, though.

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        Wilson Farms had Canadian strawberries on Friday that were as good as any local berries we had this year. They were available outside (on your way in). The strawberries inside were commercial CA berries.

        1. re: Gabatta

          I just got some of those Canadian strawberries today at Whole Foods in Wayland, so maybe other WFs have them, too.

      2. I don't think you missed much. The wetness of June locally made for not-so-great quality overall (generally, an excess of rain make fruit and corn fat but bland), with occasional exceptions.

        1. Get to a farmers' market early because something like the first or last of the strawberries go very quickly.


          1. just a few hours ago my friend and i picked six quarts of strawberries just beyond the new hampshire border (more local than canadian strawberries!). they also sell them at their store.


            really easy to get to off of 95. just an hour away. this is probably their last week, though.