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Jul 8, 2013 07:12 AM

Family friendly Mystic restaurant

Hi, headed to Mystic with our three year old next week - we have been there a million times by ourselves but never with a rambunctious kid who doesn't like to sit still.

One night we plan on going to Mystic Pizza but wondering of any other restaurants that are very family friendly but with good food - also, I wanted to go to Kitchen Little on Sunday for breakfast as we passed it a million times and never went and now seems nice in its new location - seems to get mixed reviews here - should we go or is there any other breakfast place worth pursuing?

Also, want to hit the new pasta shop on Coogan Blvd - anyone been? I follow Facebook posts and it all sounds great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Also asking folks if a flea market still happens in Mystic on Sundays. I went to a good outdoor one about 6-8 years ago but not immediately finding any info when I google. Thanks.

    1. Just returned from a weekend in Mystic with our 3 year old! We had lunch at S&P Oyster--sat outside which is beautiful and they had a kids' menu. Fabulous salad with grilled scallops. For dinner we had a great time at Dog Watch food was only okay, but they had a huge grilled cheese that my daughter devoured and they have a tent outside for ice cream and coffee afterwards. Had brunch at Kitchen Little this morning--lovely location right on the marina and our food was delicious. My daughter had pancakes with butter and cinnamon sugar--what could be bad?! They had a coloring book and crayons for her, too! Enjoy

      1. I've been to Kitchen Little several times for breakfast and the food has been good. The last time it was a bit crazy but everything was great. Get there early because it fills up and there will be a wait. They are now serving dinner on certain nights.