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Need a North York Restaurant Recommendation

Wondering if anyone could share a restaurant find in North York Toronto? Looking for a restaurant with great food a fun or inviting atmosphere in a medium price range. Any suggestions? Coming in from out of town and taking friends to dinner. Thanks

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  1. How about the new 'Origin North' next to Bayview Village. Great reviews starting to emerge!!

    1. Origin North is a good rec -- I've always had good experiences at the original one downtown.

      If you want something more casual and fun, Stack Smokehouse has something for everyone.

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        I've yet to get to the newly-opened Origin North. But looking at its online menu, I wouldn't put it in a medium price range. Unless you regard about $150 a couple (which is how I parse its price level) as medium priced. If you don't, then the already-mentioned Stack is the more prudent option. Simple dishes, well executed, good service, decent barbecue, reasonably-priced wine and beer list. Great? No, but it's pretty good, it is.

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          I have not gone to the one in downtown. However, I was at the newly open one for dinner today (it's in Bayview Village). It does have a nice ambiance, courteous service, and fascinating food. Dishes there are mainly meant for sharing. I agree with Juno that Origin North is not a medium price range resto. I left feeling unsatisfied because I was not full and I am not a big eater to begin with. I would go back for special occasions though.

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          Huh? It's gotten scathingly bad reviews.

        3. I have always enjoyed my meals at The Monkey Bar and Grill. Casual atmosphere + consistently good food.


          1. You could always go to the Copper Chimney.

            I haven't been in over a year, but it used to be quite acceptable...

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              Copper Chimney?!?!? Ew. I'd rather eat out of a toilet bowl.

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                Haven't been to Copper Chimney for a while. Have they gone down hill real bad to trigger your ' interesting response'??!!

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                    Thought premises have to be inspected and given health certificates to open?! Do they still have a 'green' color certificate posted on the window?

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                  I wouldn't go that far, but it's not very good.

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                  You will not leave hungry from Spacco or Grazie and both have a great selection and are reasonable

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                    If you're already sending her to that area, what about Vita Sociale, which has been getting some good buzz. It's in the old Centro location.

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                      Walked by there yesterday around lunch time with the dog and they had the front windows open to the street and it was fairly busy and looks like a nice remodel. Any word on the good dishes there yet?

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                        I haven't been myself yet, but here's the write-up from BlogTo:


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                            In addition to the above captioned write-ups by 'outsiders'. here are reviews by some of our chowhound fraternity members
                            Kind of so-so?!!!

                  2. North York covers a vast expanse. To me, it starts at the City Limits on Yonge St. (just south of York Mills Rd.) and extends in a wide swath north to Steeles Ave. In which case, many of the suggestions here aren't precisely in North York (including my vote for Stack), though they're within a short driving distance. It might be useful to learn what part of North York the OP is considering. That might trigger us North York denizens into making more targeted suggestions.

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                        Given that, Stack is very convenient, just down the road. If you move over to Avenue Road, I quite like Left Bank Bistro.

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                          +1 for the Left Bank Bistro.
                          Has been a fan of chef Tamaru since his early days at The Fifth, JOV and Simple.

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                            From Sheppard and Yonge, you're about a 10-minute drive from Stack, and about 15 minutes from Left Bank Bistro. Stack is around $70 per couple, Left Bank Bistro about $100 per couple, drinks included. So both fall within your preferred medium-price range. Left Bank Bistro, a classic French bistro, recently changed ownership, and there are some menu changes, but I think the same chef is still in residence. (I haven't been there since the change.) Incidentally, you can bring your own wine to Left Bank on Monday for $0 corkage. The also-mentioned Origin North is maybe five minutes east of Yonge and Sheppard, just in case you decide to go up another price level or two. But azfoodjunkie isn't the only one to mention that the portions there, given the price, are kinda teensy.

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                        Actually it starts at Lawrence and goes north east and west of the DVP.

                        But that aside there are very few restaurants worth mentioning. Congee Queen being a notable exception

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                          Better check again. The Ontario Science Center is in NY, and yet it is south of Eglinton. Thorncliffe Park is also in NY. Thanks for telling us "there are very few restaurants worth mentioning. Congee Queen being a notable exception". Now I'll know not to eat at Auberge du Pommier again and will only stick to Congee Queen.

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                            I haven't eaten at the Science Center but have eaten in Thorncliffe. The OP's concern was current a year ago. If the Auberge du Pommier is your idea of a mid price fun loving environment in North York Toronto enjoy yourself.

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                              Sorry, I didn't read the OP's post where he they "mid priced". But I find it very hard to believe there are not more mid-priced places in all of North York. I guess it depends on what you call mid-priced. I think around $100 - $130 a couple was still medium-priced a year ago and there would be more than one decent places in that snack bracket.

                      3. Any recent experiences on Vita Sociale? Kates has it in her top 100 for 2014. Thinking of anything half way between Aurora and Yonge-Eglinton or Scarborough for a great chow-worthy meal next Saturday night with less adventurous suburban folks who have a babysitter for the night and ready for some grownup food. Something good value for money but absolutely delicious. I would have considered Cava or Zucca but neither have a table before 8:30 pm and we need 7:30 for babysitting purposes. La Cascina is fully booked.

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                          Vita Sociale is awful. Terrible food quality. Don't go. The menu or chef must have changed significantly since Kates reviewed it.

                          La Cascina called us at 7:20 pm on Saturday to offer us a table after all, but by then it was way too late to change plans. But still, a good sign that they take customer service and host/hostessing seriously.

                          1. re: Food Tourist

                            Totally agree. Went there once and was thoroughly unimpressed. Too bad as it is a physically attractive place in a really good location.

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                                Such a disappointment! I went to Vita on their second day and the food/service was abysmal I just wrote it off to growing pains. I've been back a number of times since then, with mixed reviews. Most, if not all of the staff left when Centro's closed, leaving behind "kids" that don't know how to properly open a bottle of wine!

                                The food has ranged from decent to horrible, with salt the most prominent ingredient. What I have noticed is, if Armando or Jeremy are not there, things fall apart rather quickly! Such a nice room and a great neighbourhood. I'd like them to make a real go of it, but fear people will only give it one shot. The only item that is consistent, is the pizza. Stay away from the pasta. You will be sorely disappointed!