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Jul 8, 2013 06:39 AM

South Mashpee and North Truro: Need casual seafood, sandwiches, breakfast

Hi! We are heading to Mashpee for 2 nights (have never stayed in this part of the Cape...know nothing) and then North Truro for 2 nights (haven't stayed out there for a few years). We are looking for casual, high quality seafood (fried whole bellies, lobster rolls, littlenecks on the halfshell...) A view is not required. I don't remember any casual seafood spots in Truro or P-Town, save the Lobster Pot. In the Truro area, we will need 2 easy breakfasts (love Chach in Ptown), and places for lunch and dinner.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Truro is a bit scarse on restaurants, but I would definitely recommend hitting up Friendly Fisherman in N. Eastham on your way up to Truro. Some of the best fried clams on the Cape, and their lobster roll is unsurpassed, IMHO. Large, fresh and lightly dressed....getting mine next week during our vacation! :)

    Wellfleet has some good seafood spots too, and won't be too far a drive from Truro. Mac's in Wellfleet Harbor, and PJs on Rt. 6 are both excellent. Enjoy!

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      Thanks Science Chick. That's what I thought about lack of restaurants in Truro. We went to Friendly Fisherman last summer and got the family platter and a huge caesar salad for about $40 or so dollars and it fed 2 adults and 2 children! I didn't know about the lobster I think a stop would be worthwhile.
      We also have visited several spots in Wellfleet....I guess we were hoping that since our visit is so brief, we could keep it truly local, but I will always travel for worthy seafood!

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        Heartily agree with the Friendly Fisherman recommendation. Closer to Truro, on Rt 6 in Wellfleet, is Moby Dicks, which offers excellent fried seafood. And it's BYOB. Pearl at Welfleet Harbor is also good for casual seafood.

      2. This may be too late for your visit as we love also Chach but they were closed at 11 am today due to AC issues. Disappointed, we remembered eating breakfast several years ago at the Top Mast Cafe on 6A in North Truro, so took a chance that they were still serving. Wow! There is a new team (to us) cooking and doing the breakfast service and we will be back. Only open 7am until noon but there is a full bar, parking and an outside patio where the pool used to be. They offer a classic breakfast menu and the service was spot on. We had Huevos Rancheros and an order of fried eggs, sausages, home fries and toast. Everything was delicious, perfectly cooked with very fresh ingredients. It was busy but no waiting. Total with coffee and a coke came to 22 dollars. Definitely on the list.

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            Just want to report that Chach fixed the heat/AC issue and is back up and serving. Just waited 15 minutes in line for breakfast there- totally worth the wait, They really have terrific service and food that can't be beat for a casual breakfast joint.

          2. See my review on Jimmy Brown's Cafe in East Falmouth which is not far from Mashpee. Food is all homemade, reasonably priced and expertly prepared. It is also more of a spot for locals rather than tourists so it doesn't get as crowded.

            1. I will preface this by saying I do not know what constitutes South Mashpee, but on Rt 28 there us a great breakfast spot called Moonarkis (sp) it is a short drive past the Maspee Commons

              1. Thank you for all of the replies. We ended up going to a restaurant in Mashpee Commons with my uncle's family (who we were staying with). I think it was Siena (or Sienna?)...good pizzas, okay pasta. Busy, but I really didn't like the whole scene in the Commons, it was like being in a big shopping mall. We also ate at the Raw Bar and against CapeCodGuy's suggestion, ordered the lobster roll....huge, tasteless, lots of shredded meat. And the raw bar was very expensive ($2.50 per littleneck).

                Truro and P-Town were much better. We tried Karoo Cafe in P-Town for dinner....tasty South African fare, good prices, fun atmosphere. I think we needed a break from seafood.
                Had breakfast at Chach one on French toast, good pancakes and a great eggs benedict. Love Chach.
                Also discovered Far Land Provisions on Bradford St. for sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. This place was perfect. Friendly service, great sandwiches for a good price (pretty reasonable for P-Town) and my breakfast sandwich (eng. muffin, 2 eggs, cheddar and bacon) was perfect.

                Love this part of the Cape and would spend all summer here if I could.....