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Jul 8, 2013 06:32 AM

More on the Hailstorm that devastated France

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  1. How anyone can continue to believe/assert that climate change is a figment of the imagination is beyond me. This will likely have dire consequences for some vintners.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      June, it is not a good idea to key on singular events or to listen to politicians on this subject. Prefer real scientists.

      I had been a skeptic on this subject during recent years when the NOAA graph, for example, showed no real increase in average temps for 15 years. Then I found the work of physicist and former skeptic Rich Muller from UC Berkeley (funded by of all people, the Koch Bros!)

      That convinced me. His graph from the most extensive data leaves no doubt as to a continuing upward trend.

      Recently posted here (thank you, Jason, I think) was an article about an Italian vintner who was moving his vineyards to a higher elevation.

      So, Yes, global warming, and No, don't focus on single events or listen to politicians.

      BTW your cookbook arrived here on the Left Coast. I like its style. I will dig into it on the flight to Chicago next Monday.

      Do you think you can convert me to Lyonnaise cuisine? Of 20 different regional French cuisines it is one of three I do not prefer. Yes, Jason, one of the other two is highly overrated Bordelaise cuisine, and the third is Norman (apple-butter-cream-apple-butter-cream ...) Admittedly all three of those vital Norman ingrédients are tops.

      Making your rabbit when I return with the mace I will pick up in Evanston. Do I have to braise the rabbit that long? I hate to cook the taste out of good meats.

      1. re: collioure

        There will be plenty of taste in that rabbit, I promise! As for Lyonnaise cuisine, try the Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar Sauce. and the Cervelle de Canut. and the Lentil Terrine.

        I never said I listened to politicians on much of anything. Certainly not global climate change. I prefer to pay attention to experts (which politicians are decidedly not) on most subjects.

        1. re: collioure

          OK. Thank you. I have a habit of preparing recipes like that with the meat of the dish cooking in the sauce for only half the time.

          I already make Poulet de Vinaigre in two colors (the white wine version from Edith Remoissenet of le Petit Truc outside Beaune - the recipe popularized by Patty Wells) but neither with crème fraiche. Will try yours, of course, and even take a stab at Cervelle which does not appeal to me.

          BTW the French regional cuisines that I do like are from Brittany, Champagne/Ardennes/Nord, Alsace, Jura, Savoie/Dauphiné, Burgundy, Loire, Provence/Core d’Azur, Limousin/Auvergne/Cevennes/Ardeche, Mediterranean Languedoc-Roussillon (esp Catalan), the Basque country, Dordogne/Perigord/Quercy, and Charentes

        2. re: ChefJune

          Er-r, maybe it is because weather has been happening for about 2.5 billion years, and weather patterns have been well predicted, by some, for the last 50 years. In general terms, the globe is cooling, though not in some spots. Still, many, such as Accuweather, have predicted the warm, and cool spots, and have been almost 100%.

          Look for what you wish to see, and disregard the rest, and then, you will see what you want, to make your point.


        3. Interesting. We were in Burgundy, not quite a week before, and the growers were talking about an "ultimate vintage." They got the rains, before we arrived, then 10 days of sunshine. They asked for about 3 more days of rain, and that started the day that we left. No hail there yet.