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Jul 7, 2013 09:20 PM

Quiet gastro pub-type lunch spot? [San Francisco]

I'm looking for a solid craft beer place with great food but where the guest I'm bringing can record our conversation (there will be three of us total). Would love to go to Monks or Magnolia, but they don't take reservations and I fear Magnolias at least will be too loud. Any ideas? I can't think of any place with a back room, either. We could switch gears and do A16 or someplace like that, if we can't find a 'gastro pub' fit. Thanks.

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  1. Maybe Southern Pacific Brewing Co? The acoustics aren't great but there's lots of places to sit so it doesn't get too crowded.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      As a venue, Southern Pacific Brewing looks promising, Thanks goldangl95.

      I haven't been -- is the beer and food any good?

      (I admit to being a craft beer snob)

      1. re: firebelly

        It's average. It's a great meet up place because it is a huge space by SF standards with indoor/outdoor seating - has decent food and decent beer.

        1. re: firebelly

          The food's OK, but nothing special. None of the house beers I've tried have been all that interesting, but they usually have some decent guest beers on tap.

      2. Thirsty Bear Brewing has an upstairs (with pool tables) that frequently go un-used during the day.

        Good beer, decent tapas, and quieter than expected.

        1. City Beer should be quiet at lunchtime, though they have only a very limited selection of cold food.

          1. These are great suggestions. I've also come across the Tipsy Pig, which I haven't been to before. Their beer selection is a little light on local craft beer, but hey seem to have a back room and enclosed back deck. Anyone know how crowded / loud that place gets at lunch? TIA.

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              The Tipsy Pig plays sports games pretty loud. Assuming there isn't a Giant's baseball game going on etc., I imagine it will be pretty quiet but I've only been there on weekends/evenings.

              1. re: goldangl95

                Good tip. Naturally, the Giants are playing at 12:45pm.

                1. re: firebelly

                  Yeah - it may be quiet enough outside, but inside there's a tendency for there to be a lot of noise.

              2. re: firebelly

                While the cocktails and food are really good, the din of happy customers can be overwhelming at the Tipsy Pig. It maybe quieter on weekdays but weekends are LOUD!!!

              3. We have had quiet lunches at Monk's Tavern on off-time/off-days.