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Delicious places that have been around forever

Me and my family are coming to boston and are wondering what the best boston cuisine is. We don't want fine dining or sit down. We want places that have been around forever and have a speciality (i.e genos and pats in philly for cheesesteak)


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  1. Nothing really like that in Boston, but look for Boston Speed Dog.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Boston Speed dog now goes by the name Boston Super Dog.


      You can user this twitter address to find out where the truck is located any given day.

      I'll add James Hook & Company on the waterfront for seafood such as lobster rolls.



    2. Regina's pizza in the North End.

      1. +1 on speeds and reginas - Yankee Lobster for steamers and lobster rolls, Santarpio for lamp tips and pizza, Hei La Moon and other chinatown staples that have been here forever, Cafe Sporto or Paradiso in the North End

        1. Maybe Durgin Park, or the 187 year old raw bar at the Union Oyster House.

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            re UOH have chowder and oysters down at the bar but don't be tempted to eat in the oldest restaurant in the us. blah.

          2. Pier 4 in the Seaport district. It's closing in Aug having sold out to developers and a group of us are going for one last hurrah!

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              catsmeow, do you know the date it's planning to close?

            2. I'm not sure how long it's been around but I'm guessing 70's Galleria Umberto's north end for sicilian slices, Arancini, and calzones.( on vacation for July)

              Kelly's roast beef revere location (inventor of the roast beef sandwich?), and the clam shacks in Essex (Essex, Farnum's, clam box, or the original Woodman's).

              Have a real steak sub at Carl's in Waltham :)

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                I thought Buzzy's (RIP) invented the roast beef sandwich....;(

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                  Not according to the Kelley's Roast beef PR machine :))
                  Yes RIP Buzzy's for a late night snack in Bahston.

              2. Well if you want places that have been around forever, put Union Oyster House and Durgin Park on your list.

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                  It seems like the philly's cheesesteak was invented in 1930's so we don't have to go that far back. I do like the indian pudding at Durgin park.

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                    Old time Philadelphians know where to do better than Geno's and Pats.

                2. Yes, Regina's Pizza original North End location.