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Jul 7, 2013 07:31 PM

Re/Deconstructing Your Favorite Local Recipes

Hello, All:

I am midway through working an ancho chile sauce which is alleged to be the prep used at El Camino for its exquisite mussel dish. Smells authentic so far...

So that begs the question: Do you have a certain prep you treasure from a local resto, that is Goldilocks "Just Right"?

On my secret list, I think I have Duke's' clam chowder, Canlis' coddled egg salad dressing, and Lofurno's gorgonzola dressing recipes.

What's on your list? Bonus points for the keys to Le Pichet's duck pate...

And, what's on your WANT list, the prep you just can't re/deconstruct?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. call me twisted but if I take the time to make clam chowder or duck pate I don't want it to taste like anyone else's or a purchased product - besides losing the pleasure of going out for deliciousness

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      1. re: howard 1st

        Hi, Howard:

        No, I won't call you twisted. But you are all wet and blankety...;


      2. Re-construction is not something I attempt too much, but I did ask Matt's about a heirloom tomato and fennel soup and they gave me a recipe.

        I'd like to know how to make the date cake what Lark was serving about 5 years ago, also. It was outstanding.

        1. After numerous trips to Antoine's in NOLA, Oysters Rockefeller. No spinach, lots of celery.

          1. On my want list: The curry salad dressing at The Attic. I'm sure it's simple, but I haven't gotten it right yet. I also haven't had the nerve to ask if I could buy a pint. Maybe if I had it every day for a week it wouldn't be as special.