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Jul 7, 2013 06:39 PM

Callebaut chocolate callets near Silver Spring, MD

I just made one of the best batches of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made using a combo of about 1.5 cups of Callebaut callets and about 1 cup of Guittard chips. The chocolate was so much smoother than Nestle's and a bit boozy tasting too!

I bought the Callebaut at a place in Pittsburgh when I was visiting my husband's family. They don't always have the callets, usually they just have larger chunks that would be a lot more awkward to use in cookies and its a 4 hour drive so I would like to find a place that is closer that carries them. Does anyone know of a place near Silver Spring, MD? Or is there a convenient place to order them from?

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  1. Check out Trader Joe's. Their chocolate is made by callebaut but under the TJ label. I love their new chocolate chips but when I have time, I chop their big block of chocolate for chunks. I'd heard the rumor for years but some CHs (ones who've been around and I've found them trustworthy) have confirmed it.

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      Ooh! That's good to know! I do like TJ's chocolate chips. These Callebaut were twice as big as regular chips and I think that's why I like them so much, in combination with a smaller chip. To tell the truth, I always save a bit of dough to eat raw and this is the best dough I've ever eaten! Thanks for the info.

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        I've been able to find eGuittard chocolate wafers at World Market on occasion and they're great in ccc, too. But, I find that if I chop the TJ bars, I get the large chunks, plus the small pieces. And, there is the cost savings because the eGuittard were close to $20 a pound.

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        chowser, I think that's only true for TJ's chocolate chips. I have an assortment of Callebaut chocolate blocks (from Whole Foods) and TJ's chocolate bars (Pound Plus and others) and they taste different to me.

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          I haven't compared the side by side. Are you comparing the same percentages? Here are some of the threads on them:

          Maybe I need to do a side by side comparison but I've been happy w/ the TJ's bars.

      3. I guess I'll have to compare as well. I always liked Trader Joe's chocolate chips and I always like Guittard but I really liked the size of the Callebaut callets (combined with a regular sized chip)!

        1. Balducci's in Bethesda used to have a large selection of Callebaut.