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Jul 7, 2013 06:27 PM

Perry's--downtown, good steak, too much salt

I didn't see anything recent on Chowhound about Perry's. I was in Austin for a family wedding and I dined there with family. Our service was attentive and the food was overall good (perfectly cooked steaks, yummy desserts.) And since I did not pay, maybe I don't have the right to complain.

The place just missed the mark for me in terms of food. My dining companions were all much happier than I, so take this with a grain of salt...(a little humor if you read the rest of this review.)

My salad was over dressed and salty (and I had asked for the dressing on the side to begin with.) My steak was done as requested and I shared with another member of my party, and they split it for us which was great. It was really salty. I asked for my sauce on the side and I was happy I did because it was also overly salted. The combination of the already salted steak and the sauce was too much. Brocollini well cooked, but too salty, the lyonaise potatoes were very crisp, but were, yes, over salted. The creamed spinach was nice, but over nutmeged(is that a word). I am not all that sensitive to salt, but wow, thank god they kept the water coming.

The bread pudding was enough for 4 and others were very able to share desserts.

It was perfect for our group, but if I lived in Austin I might seek another location or remember to order things unseasoned and do some of the salting myself.

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  1. I've eaten at Perry's about 5 - 6 times now and never found an issue with salt. Sorry you did. Love their tableside carved pork chop and the occasional Akaushi steak special.

    1. I'm not surprised with this post. I have eaten at Perry's twice and both times I have found the sides over salted. This past time we ordered the mac and cheese and it was inedibly salty. My other dining companions were unable to eat the mac and cheese either. It seems that either nobody is tasting these dishes or the person who is has a much saltier palette than the average diner.

      1. Perry's is a personal favorite for a special night out. I really enjoy my meals there and have always found the food seasoned appropriately. I'm going to forward this conversation to their management in hopes that they will take a close look at what's happening in the kitchen and retrain the staff to correct any inconsistencies.

        1. Here's a little tip...Their half-price chow during the weekday Happy Hour is fantastic...The Tenderloin sliders may well be the best steak sandwich in town. Tender, succulent, mushroom-topped, fresh brioche buns...Yum!

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            I also think that they do their signature pork chop for half price on Friday.