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Jul 7, 2013 05:20 PM

Tourists who want to do something cheap and local: do this!

Unfortunately it didn't work out very well for me because my date didn't show up but this is a great and cheap idea for a light dinner.

Go to Vielle Europe (everything in the photo: mortadella, chorizo, some special salami, pata negra, 6 yr old cheddar cheese, hard goat cheese marinaded in wine, amazing olives and (not shown) fresh baguette olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar) was just under twenty bucks. Super easy, helpful staff, SAQ nearby (I splurged and had a bottle of osoyoos larose (IMO the best Canadian wine)) and parks nearby where this could easily put together for a nice romantic picnic.

Oh, and the free trout or smoked salmon samples at the store are also a benefit :)

3855 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1X9 ‎
(514) 842-5773 ‎

PS the picture does not do it justice a few of my friends were over as I put it together and were salivating like dogs haha (they ended up sharing it with me too)

This is one of the cheapest places in town to buy good cheese and one of the only to buy top end iberico ham

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  1. Your date is an idiot. But at least you had some good food and good friends to share it with.

    What is the brand of the goat cheese marinated in wine.

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    1. re: hala

      agreed; not even bothering to call to cancel a date is pretty messed up regardless, but when you know you have to see the person twice a week for the next year or so it is a whole different level of disrespect hahaha.. oh well, her loss.

      I unfortunately do not not know the name of the cheese but if you go to the shop and describe it the way I did, the cheese person will definitely know what it is. It is at 11:30 in the picture and you can't tell but it has a very dark almost black rind. A friend from Calgary happened to be around that night and was reluctant to try it saying he hates goat cheese but I got him to try it and while he said it tasted like goat (lol?) he really liked it a lot and had quite a few slices. I didnt mention but after I took the picture I added a few grapes and toasted almonds which were really wonderful. I can say that that the price was really good what is in the picture is half the cheese I bought and considering everything together was under 20, it must have been very reasonably priced... I was expecting a much higher bill.

    2. Yes, I go there often, and don't forget the two Hungarian places just south of there, especially Boucherie St-Viateur.

      I'm sorry about you being stood up by your date, but she or he just wasn't worth it...

      Which park did you go to? Unfortunately Parc du Portugal, which would have fit in with the theme, is closed for renovations.

      Indeed, picnicking is a local joy, even if one is visiting and can't prepare stuff.

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      1. re: lagatta

        In the end rather than going to a park I went to my tenth floor rooftop terrace which was wonderful.

        If I had gone to a park I might have gone to the on sherbrooke/crescent next to the church or the one at Canadian Center for Architecture (actually this is not a great park) or perhaps the Mcgill Reservoir field above Dr. Penfield at McTavish (I quite like that one at night and the view is nice).

        For tourists the easy rec is Jeanne Mance because it is so easy to find and close to Veille Europe.

      2. I too find Larose one of the best Canadian wines available (along with LS Portfolio). I keep at least one bottle of each near me at all times..