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Jul 7, 2013 05:13 PM

Quick Review: Anthony's Grill

Anthony's Grill, Don Mills

They don't have a celebrity chef. They don't have fusion. They don't have tapas. They don't have organic, free-range or sustainable. You could take your parents (or grandparents as the case may be) there with no fear. The place can't be very good, right?


Anthony's is just good food. No tricks, no trends, no BS. It is well cooked and flavorful. The pan fried fish was literally cooked to perfect ad served with a cream sauce they exploded with dill in a way I haven't experienced in many years. The veal was good in a delicious mushroom sauce better than I've had in fancy Italian restaurants. Best of all, the waiter didn't once say "Hi guys!"

If you are tired of the same-old, same-old tapas/fusion/organic/ cliche and the endless barrage of ethnic restaurants that are taking over every neighborhood in Toronto and just want a good meal, then Anthony's Grill is a good choice.

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  1. Looks like an honest, mom-n-pop kind of place. Their 4-course dinner options look like great value. Thank you for the review!

    1. Looks like a Canadian Food kind of place. Imagine that.

      1. I have been wanting to check it out as we live close by and we are not always in the mood for "the Queen of Congee" - I will lobby hard with my husband next we are thinking about "where to go". Thanks for posting.