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Jul 7, 2013 03:57 PM

PHX to Sedona=Lunch?

We will be driving from the Phoenix airport to Sedona around lunch time on a Thursday. We're willing to go somewhat out of our way (10 miles?) Where would you recommend we go?

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  1. You'll probably need to narrow your query. There are many good lunch options within 5-10 miles of the most direct route.

    People can offer more focused/useful suggestions if you can specify things like an actual time of day (some places end lunch service at 2:00 or 2:30), how much time you have for the meal, foods that you don't like/are bored with (or conversely, foods you like/would like to try), how much you want to spend per person, and what kind of vibe/ambiance you are seeking (if any). Also, your dates of travel could be relevant, as some Phoenix restaurants are on hiatus for all or part of July.

    1. Stop at Richardson's north of Bethany Home in Phx. It is on 16th St just 1 block off Hwy 51, about 10 min north of the PHX airport. Great New Mexican/Southwest food. quick access to the freeway to get you on your way. Easy to eat yourself into submission though. :)

      1. If you're not planning on eating until you're closer to Sedona, there's a couple of good options. In the town of Cornville, there's a small restaurant called Harry's Hideaway that gets very good notice (I've eaten there once and it was's tiny, and run by a couple that clearly cares about the food they serve). You could follow that up with a stop at Page Springs winery for a tasting on your way to Sedona.

        Another option is to go through Cottonwood (the route I actually prefer in going to Sedona, anyway) and stop in old-town for lunch, at Crema Cafe, or the Red Rooster Cafe. Oh, and there are several good wine tasting rooms right there, too. :)

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. We are actually not going until the end of September and we should be leaving the airport around 12:30 p.m.. We love all kinds of food as long as it's fresh and tasty.

          1. I really like Shugrues in Sedona. The food was good, and the service was perfect!

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              ROck Springs Cafe and Pies just off highway 17 near Black Canyon, about 45 min/1 hour north of the airport. Rambling atmospheric historic property(be sure to take a stroll), GREAT burgers, onion rings, and of course, home-baked pies. We take all of our out of towners there on the way to or from Sedona and it's a winner.

              Bonus: it serves all day.

              In Sedona proper, for lunch there is a more than adequate and pretty gringo Mexican, upper middle pricing and a full bar, Javelina Cantina, NOT on the main strip, but in a shopping center with plenty of parking. JC is in the back of the mall and has a tremendous patio view of the rocks. In September a seat outside is just the ticket.