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Jul 7, 2013 02:40 PM

Fun Restaurant (and more) Suggestions for Short Stay

My 20 year daughter and I are at the Fairmont for one night next weekend, and I need some suggestions for "fun" restaurants that she would like. Not too fancy, and not too terribly far. Cost isn't really an issue, but she hates fussy places. I do want to introduce her to Dim Sum probably Sunday afternoon.

We might stay for dinner the second night or continue on to Stanford and have dinner near there.

We are thinking about a day trip the third day, and my husband is hung up on Carmel before driving back to catch a red eye. I think it is too far. Any alternatives?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

P.S. "hip" shopping suggestions for her would also be appreciated.

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  1. Foreign Cinema is pretty cool - not too far from the Fairmont. Also, my daughter and I love Ozumos, if you like sushi.

    Let us know where you go and how you liked it.

    1. Canteen is a hip/different/low key (located in the Academy of Art) but the vibe isn't flashy - it's more hidden/secret/off the wall. The menu is prix fixe.

      Other places that are a little cheaper and low key hip (but can have quite the wait) are Ricky Bobby, Tacolicious (Mission or Marina locations) State Bird Provisions, or Suppenkuche.

      A little bit more flashy hip (but not too much) would be Locanda or Nopa (maybe Gjelina but I haven't been there for a bit so not sure).


      So the majority of shopping is still consolidated around Union Square. But . .

      There's some cool browsing shopping in the Mission on Valencia (and a lot of restaurants/ice cream places/ coffee - and Dolores Park a few blocks away). There's also some browsing shopping in Hayes Valley near SuppenKuche. Upscale browsing shopping is in the Marina plus some decent restaurant options - though not as great as Mission or Hayes Valley.

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        Canteen's at 817 Sutter, in what was formerly the Commodore Hotel's coffee shop. It still has the old counter and booths which is kind of a fun contrast with the sophisticated Frenchish food. The hotel was converted to housing for Academy of Art students a few years ago.

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          Ai. I meant Gitane not Gjelina above.