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Jul 7, 2013 02:30 PM

It's raining brewpubs in Kennett Sq

And not just Two Stones. Apparently Kennett Breing Company will open a brewery with accompnying pub before year end. They have a website ( that doesnt give any info yet but plans are to offer a variety of craft beers. Hope they do well.

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  1. Me thinks that the trend will be that every township or small community will have at least one brewpub. I think that's awesome!

    1. It's raining more than Brewpubs in Kennett. The new Market at Liberty Place, just down the street from Talula's Table, is scheduled to open this Friday, bringing a new shopping/dining venue to this great little town.

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          Stopped by yesterday. Interesting. They have a way to go as it's not completely built out yet. Open are a creperie (sp?), Ricks, an Italian food place, retail seafood (from Hockessin) Va La vineyards wine bar and a juice bar. May have missed a place or two but there presumably will be more in the near future. Wish them luck.