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Natural Casing Hot Dogs in O.C.?

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Anybody know where I can find natural casing Hot Dogs in Orange County? Not collagen-encased, but the real deal lamb's gut.


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  1. Boars' Head brand is available at Gelson's and Super Irvine, both in Irvine.

      1. Boar's Head also available at Sprouts (Irvine, Tustin)

        1. Thumann's push cart natural casing hot dogs are my favorite. Can be found at Bristol Farms Newport Beach.

          1. Try Nathan's natural casing hot dogs. I get them at Sprouts and Smart and Final.

            1. Believe it or not: Hoffy Hollywood's Original Natural Casing Frankfurters. Best supermarket dog I've ever had on each coast. And I'm saying this as a Nathan's natural casing fan.

              Only available at the moment at Fresh and Easy.

              1. Let's Be Frank hot dogs are in natural casing and I could swear I saw them at the OC Surfas last week.

                1. How about GLobe deli on Harbor. They sometimes carry them. Made somewhere local just for them.

                  1. Thanks to all for the information.