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Jul 7, 2013 12:45 PM

Breakfast in Oakland or Emeryville

Help! Our favorite nearby breakfast place, Local Cafe on Piedmont Avenue, has unexpectedly closed. Where should we go instead? We like weekend breakfast and brunch.

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  1. Wait, wait, back up...

    Local closed? Like closed forever, or closed for vacation? Do you know anything more?

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    1. re: Rapini

      Like closed forever. We drove by this morning for our usual breakfast and there was a sign on the door that said something like "Local Cafe is closed, thanks for your patronage, something new is coming soon for lunch and dinner". Huge bummer. So. Other ideas?

      1. re: merylnet

        Bummer indeed. Local had become my go-to breakfast out.

        Any place else I can think of falls into the "usual suspects" category--e.g., Aunt Mary's, Mama's Royal, Rudy's Can't Fail, etc. I used to enjoy Cafe 817, but haven't been on a long time. Camino has a good weekend brunch, but it's spendy.

      2. re: Rapini

        Also, just so we're clear - Local Cafe on Piedmont Ave in Oakland is closed. Local 123 on San Pablo is open and going strong.

      3. Aunt Mary's Cafe

        Is very good...and I hate going out for breakfast.

        I would start there.

        4307 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

        Another you may want to try...

        Cafe Aquarius

        1298 65th St Emeryville, CA 94608

        The local owners are really nice.

        Baked goods are made in house.

        And some of the food is fantastic!

        1. What rapini said---Local is closed?!? Waah! We're on the other end of Piedmont so didn't make it up there as often as I'd have liked, but I loved their eggs benedict. So sad!

          Some other local spots we like that are similar in style: Grand Lake Kitchen (about the same size and small menu, but never disappoints); Kitchen 388 (very simple menu but tasty); Commonwealth (ditto--also, beer, if that's how you roll at breakfast...); and Beauty's (small brunch menu in addition to bagels).

          In the usual suspects category, Boot and Shoe is excellent for brunch if you haven't been, but, like Camino, pretty pricey (and you have to get there early to avoid a wait). If you want fancy, Haven's Sunday brunch is our special occasion go-to. We've had good luck with Chop Bar, Dona Tomas, and Bellanico for good food without crazy waits. Grand Tavern also has a brunch that we've been meaning to try. They, GLK, and Dona Tomas all have patios (as does Bocanova, but they open too late for us these days).

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          1. re: artemis78

            agree, Chop Bar is pretty good for breakfast and brunch. fresh ingredients. biggest minus for me is their coffee.

          2. that's too bad. add me to the list that liked Local Cafe's food.

            that end of Piedmont doesn't look to get a lot of daytime foot traffic.

            1. Inside Scoop reports that the Local space is to become a "downscale pizzeria." [


              Being that there's Dopo and LoCoco's down the street, I think Piedmont could use the Local Cafe concept more than it can another pizza place.

              Just my deux centemes.

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              1. re: Rapini

                Doesn't Adesso serve pizza now, too? Odd place to choose for that type of restaurant...though I am continually amazed by how many different pizza places Grand Lake seems to support successfully, so I guess maybe there's room for more, especially if they focus on takeout and slices.

                1. re: artemis78

                  Changing from a breakfast-lunch schedule to a lunch-dinner concept means he'll be going toe-to-toe with every other place on Piedmont--and secondarily Grand, Lakeshore, Rockridge, and Temescal.

                  I wish him luck, but I'll miss those poached eggs.

                2. re: Rapini

                  I agree. A good breakfast/brunch place is what the area needs. We have a lot of pizza options. I like Pizzaiolo pizza but we already have Pizzaiolo and Boot & Shoe. No word in the article on why Local closed. It's a mystery.